Results of the Polygraph Test for Naked and Afraid. 2 Tests, 4 Questions Each.

The "near death experience" was a way to trick the crew to remove me from the dunes because the producer was framing me and I repeatedly asked to quit due to rapid weight loss (>20 lbs in 16 days) and kidney and bladder issues. He said if I walked out and quit while conscious, the storyline would be drastically altered and my character would be assassinated.

How Naked and Afraid is Like a Nazi Experiment and Why I Faked the Blackout in Brazil

April 25, 2019— In the spring of 2018, in the case Lundin v. Discovery Communications Incor... - 2:16-cv-01568, a judge in the Arizona District Court ruled that Cody Lundin's signing of an "assumption of risk" waiver did not waive his legal right to sue Discovery Communications for portraying him in a false light in 2014, when he refused to do what they wanted him to do. Because Discovery had acted maliciously, it was decided that certain aspects of unconscionable contracts in reality shows do not make production companies invincible. Here is an article about that. The following fall, Discovery had a win in that trial: You can read about it here. Lundin is currently appealing, and I hope to God that he gets some redemption. Because not only is he speaking out for the same reasons that I am, he actually got pissed at Discovery and threw some shit in the water. LOL. My hero.