I Guess the Ex-Head Magister of the Church of Satan is a Troll

If you are familiar with my article titled “A Conversation with [People Who Claimed to Be] Human Traffickers,” there is one key detail that I did not include in that article that everyone needs to know asap. It was a detail that, when I finally found out, I was reluctant to publicly share because it seriously creeps me out and I know it will creep other people out, too.

You need to open that article in order to understand what the following message is about. If you have no idea what the article is about, you’ll have no idea what the following message is about. It’s about a FASCIST human trafficking ring—that is affiliated with politics—and has an extremely elaborate fake movie front that they use to then coerce their victims into partaking in “real” versions of their movies.

I want to clarify the identity of my abuser. My abuser, whose name I am about to tell you, is a “producer” for a snuff ring. He stalks women and tries to get them to unwittingly sign contracts to partake in what he describes as vampire cannibal snuff. The technical term is “dolcett.” He describes himself as worse than a Nazi, fyi.

And this fascist dickwad has been harassing me for years. Years. Because my run-in with his cult was from the decision to respond to a nondescript Craigslist ad in 2009—years prior to going on Discovery Channel. This dude and his ilk vanity search themselves, and me, and all their victims, on the daily. I’m so fed up with his shit. I’m so fed up with the fact that there is a domestic terrorist like him—let’s be clear here, his terrorism is actually international because Myelin is international—on the loose. What the fuck. What the flying fuck. How many people know about this Nazi turd and have witnessed him making fascist murder art? How many?

He also claimed to be friends with a lot of rich people, and after seeing what is going down with Epstein, and after finding out who this person is, I actually believe him.

The “Doctor” person in my article, the man who calls himself “Doctor Antonia Wendy,” and a slew of other names—he called himself “Dr,” not “Doctor.” The very first thing he asked me on the phone was if I knew what “Dr” stood for, and I said, “doctor?” It didn’t take me long to start calling him “doctor.” And you know what he said? He laughed when I said I thought “Dr” stood for doctor. He said something along the lines of “let’s go with that” and that I would find out in time. You know what? He was right. I did find out what “Dr” means. *If you read my longer article, I included a screenshot where Dr Antonia Wendy has his name listed as the email account holder, just so you know that he does, indeed go by the alias of “Dr.”

“Dr’s” real name is Nyarlathotep Diabolus Rex Church, or more commonly, “Diabolus Rex.” Dr = Diabolus rex.


This is him. This man cyber stalks people and practices torture. He makes torture devices and uses them on people. He has a cult following after working under Anton LaVey as the Magister Templi of the Church of Satan.

In my article about the human trafficking ring, I described his voice. If you have the stomach to listen, here it is:

Yes. Diabolus Rex was the Magister Templi of the Church of Satan under Anton LaVey. Diabolus Rex is the person who calls himself “Dr,” and the person who I spoke to for weeks over the phone. Diabolus Rex is the person who cyber harassed me, cyber stalked me, and called me up over the phone to threaten me. Diabolus Rex is being protected by the Coots family et al. and he is associated with right-wing politicians and government officials.

Diabolus Rex broke from the Church of Satan shortly before starting “Myelin Productions,” supposedly because he believes that there is such thing as Satan incarnate. He practices something called “aesthetic terrorism,” a practice that was started by his parents, who were also members of the Church of Satan. He makes and practices aesthetic terrorist “art” and fascist art, both which include torture and murder. He is a domestic terrorist and a fascist and he is running Myelin Productions.

I believe Dr makes snuff to blackmail rich people with.

I did not include every detail about my experience because a lot of it is too dark to talk about, but if you want to know more about DR and his organization, please read my article here.

I am telling everyone this because I am gravely concerned about the future of the United States and the world. Senator Ted Cruz recently introduced non-binding legislation proposing that “antifa,” those “affiliated with antifa,” and “LEFT-WING ACTIVISTS” become labeled as domestic terrorists. I want to make it clear that antifa isn’t a real organization, and it itself stands for “anti-fascist.”

Trump recently said he wants to label antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. While I personally have never called myself antifa and I have never met anyone who calls themselves antifa, to just lump in “left-wing activist” into an all-encompassing group of people who are against fascism and call them all domestic terrorists when there has never been a single death in the United States from someone who was anti-fascist, is insane. Trump wants to deem anyone who opposes him as a terrorist. Simultaneously, his administration has just brought back the death penalty.

Here is Ted Cruz’s proposal:


At the same time, the FBI director Christopher Wray, testified to Congress that “most domestic terror cases are driven by ‘white supremacist violence‘…Despite Trump’s denials, FBI Director Christopher Wray says right-wing racist terrorism is a major threat”


This is really important. It’s important because the world needs to know that if they support fascism, they are effectively also supporting Dr, and Dr is a self-professed terrorist. He is openly fascist and is a believer in Satan incarnate. I have not seen where he calls himself Satan incarnate, but I believe that that is what his cult believes, and what he believes, because of heavy implications he has made.

He left the COS because his views were too extreme for Anton LaVey.

I would not be surprised to learn that Dr is affiliated with fascist organizations that may be linked to Trump. The reason why I say this is because I posted, in my article, proof that Dr’s main right-hand man is affiliated with organizing fascist political meet-ups.

And I have to wonder, how the HELL did Rob Zombie come up with “Doctor Satan” in his House of 1000 Corpses movie without knowing who Dr is? I think Rob Zombie knows who he is. I think this because of the name, because Dr was the HEAD MAGISTER OF THE CHURCH OF SATAN FOR DECADES, and because when I came across an article about Dr—in Russian—it talked about how he was inspired by a psycho artist’s work that his parents kept in their underground tunnel, that he meditated on as a kid, of a man’s body that had been attached to some kind of marine life. And Rob Zombie’s “Doctor Satan” did exactly that in House of 1000 Corpses. So people in Hollywood have to know who Dr is.

dr1 copy
dr2 copy

See above, which is translated into English from Russian using an auto-translator. He meditated on “Jake,” an alligator man. You cannot make this stuff up.

In Rob Zombie’s movie, it was “Fishboy.”

And by the way, those screenshots above lay out a long ass timeline of Dr’s biography, and then the article goes on to interview him. There is a ton of stuff on him in Russia. Apparently, he has a thing going in Russia (as well as the Middle East).

Dr runs a project called Black Sun Occult Engineering and has been building a “Ragnarok Engine,” with which he believes he will end the world with. He’s like a terrible super villain from a comic book, except he is real. And he spends his days trying to coerce people into meeting him.

Dr specializes in creating torture devices, namely large knives. He is a terrorist. He is a fascist.

And I am against fascism. That does not make me “antifa,” it does not make me an “anti-fascist sympathizer,” and it does not make me what the GOP is trying to label left-wing activists as.

Let me be clear: I don’t think ANYONE should be violent. I don’t think ANYONE should hurt other people. So I don’t care what label you use. But we as citizens of the United States need to stand up against Donald Trump, a fascist sympathizer, calling people who oppose fascism “domestic terrorists,” especially considering the fact that Dr, the Coots family, et al. are fascists and DR is openly a domestic terrorist. Aesthetic terrorism and fascist art are exactly what they sound like they are, as their names suggest. And DR et al. are openly working with political fascist organizations here, in the United States of America.

This doesn’t make me antifa, it doesn’t make me any kind of sympathizer, and it doesn’t make me a domestic terrorist to blow a whistle on a domestic terrorist organization or to denounce Trump’s fascism.

It makes me a concerned citizen of the U.S. and of the planet. It makes me a whistle-blower. It makes me a good person who believes that we all deserve to live in a safe world, unafraid of fascist murderers and despots and people who enjoy torture.

It makes me wonder why the hell Trump is pretending to be a “Christian” of any kind, and why the Myelin Productions crew is pretending to be affiliated with “Christianity” of any kind while working hand-in-hand, if not for, Diabolus Rex, the ex Magister of the Church of Satan under Anton LaVey.

Trump is purposefully manipulating Evangelical Christians in the name of Fascism. Diabolus Rex has spoken out about the ease of manipulating Christianity. His ilk are part of a militant “Christian” church. So what gives? Surely something is awry. I mean, take a look at Melania Trump’s Christmas trees…

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 4.57.39 PM
Source: https://thegrio.com/2018/11/27/best-tweets-about-melanias-horrifying-christmas-decor/

They sure do look like fountains of blood to me. In fact, they remind me of aesthetic terrorism.

Or what about these Christmas trees?

Source: https://www.avclub.com/melania-trump-decks-the-halls-with-dead-branches-spine-1820780127

And in fact, have you ever heard Trump try to talk about or quote the Bible? Have you?

Here. Give it a listen.

Or watch this.

Trump doesn’t read, let alone read the Bible. So the fact that he and Pence are so gung-ho on rallying a mostly Evangelical Christian base is insanely pathological. I dare say, it is deliberate. And given the fact that they are following the same steps as Dr and the right-wing fascist, politically active trolls that he represents, I can’t seem to shake the idea that it’s all a part of the same scheme.

Read: The last minutes of Mueller’s testimony made the best case for the Russia investigation “If you are lying about something that can be exposed, then you can be blackmailed,” Rep. Adam Schiff asked Mueller. His reply: “True.”

Pee tapes? Oh Hell No. The blackmail on Trump is probably dolcett, because that is the blackmail that is used on politicians.

Trump’s associate, George Nader, was indicted on charges of human trafficking and transportation of child pornography that included mutilation of minors from the Middle East. And I literally bore witness to Dr mutilating a minor from abroad, and spoke with the kid on the phone before it happened. I went to the police immediately after and the police didn’t believe me when I told them what had happened. Correction, they didn’t necessarily not believe me; the cops referred me to different cops. It was like, none of the cops wanted to confront these people—who by the way, are friends with some of their local cops.

And seriously, it was the same kind of nasty shit as is mentioned in George Nader’s indictment. I think it’s all connected.

I think Dr is the mastermind behind blackmailing a large portion of the world’s elite, and since no one else has the balls to say so, I will do it for them.

Have you read any of the testimony from Epstein and Trump’s accusers? Girls disappearing, girls being threatened that they will disappear too, if they tell anyone?

You better bet those girls were murdered. Human trafficking sees people as cattle, as money. Those girls were murdered and someone made money off of their murders.

Dr says he loves money.

And what about this photo of a mask taken at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house. Who is this?


Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 2.51.40 AM

It sure does look like Dr before he got his horns implanted. Photos of him vary from making his nose look narrow and wider, but all in all he is actually a small-framed man with a very womanly voice considering his appearance.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 2.53.55 AM
Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 2.54.30 AM

I mean, maybe that mask is not him. But it could be, considering the art he is known for, which includes busts of mutilated human torsos and satan heads. It’s hard to tell with art, but there are some uncanny resemblances between the mask and Dr. Particularly what stands out to me is the way the objects behind the mask flair out, in the same kind of shape that Dr’s satan head busts did—almost like horns. It looks like the mask is an homage to him and certainly exudes the same creepy satanic vibe as he and his art do.

I’d post a couple pics of his art, but he took his website down around the time that I posted my initial article about his human trafficking ring last year—even though I didn’t name him last year (surprise!).

Oh, and he made an email account with a fake name and a fake cause and a fake organization and contacted me in 2015, right after Naked and Afraid XL season 1 first aired, asking me if I wanted to donate my torso to his fake cause.

Backpack email


That would be a hard NO, Diabolus.

And then of course, if you read my other article explaining more of his organization’s antics, you will see that an “actress” working for “Myelin Productions” Facebook messaged me and threatened me. Shortly after that, she enlisted in the military. Here it is again. This wasn’t too long ago. She approached me with another woman, asking me to tell her everything I knew and send her all my evidence—and when I didn’t, she threatened me. I initially posted these messages on my other article without the censor blot but the other woman asked me to censor them. To be honest, I feel that in this situation I probably shouldn’t care to censor messages from people threatening my life in writing, but whatever. I don’t want to blow up this article with my messages with those women, but here is the lead up to the threat:


These people all wanted to know what I knew. They all wanted to know if I knew it was Diabolus. Fuck them. They are all aiding and abetting a serial killer terrorist, so really, fuck them.

And that alone is proof of two threats on my life, in writing.

What is wrong with our world, and why the fuck is this person not on a wanted list or in prison?

You know, all I wanted since my run-in with these people was to see them in prison. I went on Naked and Afraid with the hope that I would someday gain a platform with which to expose these people. And so now I have. They truly need to go to prison.

The only explanation I can think of for why he has not been arrested is BLACKMAIL.

Would I be surprised if Dr is associated with Epstein? No. Not one bit.

So ask yourself, how many people do you think know about Dr already? Thousands? Tens of thousands? It has to be a lot. He has a cult following, he’s been referenced in a Rob Zombie movie, and he’s friends or associates with the rich and powerful.

And please do realize that I have had the ex-head Magister of the Church of fucking Satan trolling me since before—and of course during—my stint on Naked and Afraid. So if you are wondering why it seems like there was a concerted effort to troll me online, remember that Dr and his associates are largely responsible for that.

I hope that you pay attention. We only have 18 months to change our course, and meanwhile Trump is increasing use of fossil fuels, denying climate change, and purposefully bringing the world to an end. There is only one explanation for all of this, in my mind, and that is that he wishes genocide upon the people of the planet. How can we let one man decide whether or not the planet will survive?

So please, call your Representative. Call your Senators. Demand that they impeach Donald Trump and hold him accountable. Demand that they address the fact that we have 18 months to change our course towards climate change. Denying climate change will not make it go away. It will kill us. You know what else will kill us? Allowing murderous despots to run the country.

And stand up for the First Amendment while you still can. Don’t let Trump be a fascist dictator. Don’t let Trump decide to label those who oppose real terrorism terrorists.

And I’m not trying to alarm any of you, but the truth is this is very alarming. Keep in mind that it is the richest 10% of the world’s population that is responsible for about half of the greenhouse warming emissions being released. These are the same people who are most vulnerable to blackmail, and many of them are open climate change deniers. We only have one planet, so say they managed to kill off everyone—where are they going to go? Do you think they really want to be left with a bunch of fascists?

This needs to all be addressed NOW.

P.S. Diabolus Rex really is one of the biggest trolls on the internet right now. Unfortunately, he also proves that cyber terrorists can also be physically violent too. What a world we live in.

P.S. Fuck Nazis.

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