Over Half a Decade of Being Plagiarized by Another Writer: The Janne Robinson Timeline

*This is the companion piece to The Capitalism of Narcissism
*I recommend reading this as well, as it pertains to this increasingly common issue of online copycat behavior and how it affects those who are stalked. I’d like to also say here, that I already was a victim of stalking prior to Janne doing this—she’s undoubtedly aware of that—and I really don’t need this crap in my life.

Introduction: There is no way at all that I can conceive of all of this as a coincidence.

A stunning display of female erasure, academic dishonesty, and false advertising at the hands of a person capitalizing on “feminism.”

A privileged person has been systematically pulling from my writing. When asked to stop, she refused to. I am calling this person out because I think integrity is everything. I feel very harassed and I’ve had registered copyrights and a trademark willfully and continuously infringed upon by not just a random person, but a person who built an online persona and brand claiming to be based around honesty, women’s equality, and truth.

I’m tired of capitalism, and violently unethical business practices, being inextricably linked to greed and dishonesty while also being the underlying force of ecological destruction and economic injustice on the planet. This ranges from how individual people are treated to how the masses within societies see things. The inevitable changes that result from a society that has been lied to lead to a worse future for all.

I am still processing how this entire situation makes me feel and how I should deal with it. As it is, I think that putting this up on my blog is the appropriate action to take considering the circumstances. If I sound pissed at times, it’s because I have been. As a human or living soul, I have nothing against this person. However, when looking at my situation as objectively as possible, I have come to understand that speaking out about this situation is absolutely necessary for my mental health and wellbeing.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons of either pursuing this in court or blogging about it on here. After months of contemplation, I decided to write about it all here and post a timeline. As I have mentioned before, I am not a capitalist. I would never want any money from Janne. I wish only for truth, liberty, and justice. For all.

The copying has continued since this article was initially written, for an additional fourteen months or so. I have attached additional screenshots at the bottom of the original post.

What follows is a section of the timeline that my attorney and I put together last summer/fall. Just know that putting it together was super fu*king annoying. Enjoy.*

*Best viewed from a tablet or desktop due to the nature of the timestamps and detailed examples. Examples can be enlarged if clicked on, or zoomed in on via mobile devices. If you are viewing this from an amp link, you need to redirect to the actual WordPress site to view from a mobile.

Now keep in mind, everything on my blog is my opinion—except for the parts that are obviously fact (i.e. space and time, the mutual agreement that time moves linearly when discussing reality as it pertains to legal issues, etc.).

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.42.14 PM

Source: Instagram

One day apart:

Spelling post Instagram, Me copy.png

Source: Instagram

Spelling post Instagram, Janne

Source:  September 30, 2018 Instagram

***This person’s “publisher” is a blogging platform that caters to millennials and refers to itself as a “platisher”: a hybrid of a blogger platform and publisher. As per an article by The Washington Post, “The stories, Thought Catalog’s publisher and staff told The Washington Post, are the end products of an ‘anything goes’ publishing policy, in which articles from outside contributors…are supposedly published without editorial oversight or judgment.” This is important, because what I am about to show you involves a rapid passing off process that gets dished out to a wide millennial audience without oversight from editors. She mentions she has editors, but the spelling and grammar on her posts and self-published articles often appear juvenile to a trained eye. Anything she rips off, despite its originality, immediately becomes cliché by nature of her audience.

***My post up top goes on to mention that I am a whistleblower and am good at putting together evidence timelines when justice calls. Janne was responding to that post (this was in the midst of attempted legal discourse between our attorneys) but doing it in her usual way of inserting other material and pretending she’s not doing it—like an improv exercise but via writing, so it’s easier. Like what Donald Trump does. This isn’t an on-the-spot thing that she wings; it’s a meticulously thought-out caption that she writes in private. The fact that she actually wrote that she does things in a “whirl wind” should be noted.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the beginning. I never heard of this chick until 2016, when she was hanging out with an old middle school classmate of mine for 2 weeks and her posts started popping up in my Facebook feed.

To be clear, this middle school classmate and I comprised two of the three people in our seventh grade class at Stratton Mountain School, a world-renown ski and snowboard academy. He had messaged me on Facebook maybe a year before they had their 2 week hang out stint? We commented on each other’s Facebook feeds very occasionally (as in rarely).

Plus, one of Janne’s main photographers/ housemates/ best friends was on swim team with me in Vermont as teenagers—we were often on the same four-person relay teams, getting blue ribbons. We were on a team called the Tritons. I specifically remember that she was quite good at swimming the butterfly and breaststroke. I was a backstroke and freestyle swimmer myself, for the most part.

And that same woman and I also graduated from a small prep high school in the same class of 140 people, where I was the student body president. We were in many of the same eight to fifteen person classes in school. I’m pretty sure she was in at least one of my AP classes and I know that she has many mutual friends on Facebook, including the AP psychology teacher who I am about to mention. She was also my Facebook “friend.”

I also had a flood of people from high school friend me on Facebook immediately after Naked and Afraid first aired, by the way. Small town, small schools. Everyone knew everyone. The chick from swim team knows the guy that was hanging out with Janne who was in my 3-person class at SMS, and they both know another woman who actually later interviewed Janne, and now works for the BBC. This other woman was one of my best friends when I was very young; I have some hilarious stories to recall with her about our shenanigans on a ski resort.

So you get it, right? People talk. People know each other. It’s a small world. And for some reason, Janne has run into several people from my childhood.

Janne’s posts (from her personal Facebook page, which was advertising her personal brand of “Janne Robinson” along with her then-unverified business Facebook page, and has since been deleted) started showing up in my Facebook feed in 2016. I know algorithms have changed over the years but I’m not surprised she was showing up, considering the mutual contacts. I think her page had somewhere around 10k followers or something, at the time. I had a verified Facebook fan page back then and I still do, with about 13k followers, but it is currently deactivated. I started using Instagram in 2015 and, like Janne, was linking many of my posts between the two platforms, as they are owned by the same company. *Note that I’ve since deactivated my Honora Bowen Instagram page. I only use Instagram for a pen name, currently, due to harassment.

I did a triple-take at some of her posts and looked at my own, and the dates. It looked like she was ripping me off but I tried not to be too bothered. I had no idea how long this had been going on, otherwise I probably would have been more direct.

So let’s go back to the beginning of the timeline, as was discovered retroactively after enlisting legal help in 2018.

I wrote this essay on a piece of birch bark in September 2002. It was inspired by my teacher calling me a hippy or a fairy or something. I was known for being a free spirit in high school—I was a nudist, and I was spending months at a time on an island in Puerto Rico. I actually first traveled to that island by myself, at age 16, while a junior in high school.

In December 2013, my old AP Psychology teacher tagged me on Facebook with the photo because he kept the essay. The following year, I used the photo as a Facebook profile while I was getting a lot of publicity from Naked and Afraid. 

birch bark cropped

My first Naked and Afraid episode premiered on the Fall equinox of 2014 (September 21, 2014), after two months of previews. It was the blow-out season finale. I’m pretty sure Janne saw. Discovery reaches almost half a billion households around the world. That’s a lot of people.

Janne saw me on TV and got straight to plagiarizing me.

But first—she did the equivalent of “obliterating” the name of my trademark. In trademark law, she began the process of “Express Reverse Passing Off,” which I will get to in detail later in this post. The first step to that is erasing/removing the name of the trademark from which you are stealing goods/services/ideas.

She changed the way she spells “Honor” at the same time that she started stealing my content (reminder, my name is

H O N O R A),


Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.25 PM.png

Source: Instagram

October 2014 (right after my first Naked and Afraid episode received some of Discovery Channel’s highest recorded internet hits and ratings), Janne writes about getting fresh air—just like my essay, on birch bark, above, talked about—on birch bark:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.52.15 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.52.28 PM.png

Source: Instagram

October 2014: Janne’s crappy “Celebrities” poem (pay attention to this, it comes up again).

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.42.21 PM

Source: Elephant Journal screenshot to Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.03.56 PM.png

Source: Elephant Journal screenshot to Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.04.06 PM.png

Sources: DiscoveryChannel.com and Elephant Journal screenshots to Instagram

After I co-starred in a regular episode of Naked and Afraid, in Brazil, I was then asked to return and participate in the first season of Naked and Afraid XL, in Colombia.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.04.33 PM.png

Source: Instagram

I write my first blog pieces about Naked and Afraid, below…then Janne starts bashing on blogger celebrity shamans who do reiki and hang out in Colombia, and happen to be on stage but shouldn’t be writing (paraphrased).

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.04.51 PM.png

Source: WordPress

(*Note that I’m taking screenshots from the timeline that was used between my attorney and I. I have since written more blog posts on WordPress.)

Janne’s uncannily “synchronistic” vitriol, as I mentioned above:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.04 PM.png

Sources: Facebook and Instagram

The above “Everyone’s a Fucking Blogger” poem happens to mention:

  • A (misspelled) Colombia (where I had just filmed my second Naked and Afraid stint, which was a summer-long series released just months earlier),
  • Reiki (I had happened to have a Kickstarter up the previous year called “The Reiki Geothermal Greenhouse Project“),
  • And shamans (I graduated from a small healing arts school and studied under two respected shamans: one is the head Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and the other is an honorary member of Crazy Horse’s Medicine Man’s descendants’ Blackfoot Lakota tribe in Crestone, Colorado).
  • Oh, I was talking about yoga a lot—specifically Kundalini, Kundalini meditations, Kriyas, etc. The above-mentioned Kundalini teacher from my school is a respected Sikh and she studied under Yogi Bhajan.
  • The poem also mentions gluten-free, which I am not currently, but I was at the time; I was discussing that on social media.
  • And of course, the Bukowski quote under the celebrities piece above is making sure to really impress upon everyone that people on stage aren’t supposed to be writers, or vise-versa.

All of these things were talked about consistently on my social media, prior to coming out with my blog.

Mostly, what sticks out is the timing of Janne’s posts… all of it, right after I came out with my blog—because, as you will see as you keep reading, there is a pattern.

Just a little peek at some mentions of Reiki Herbal Company back in 2014, right after Naked and Afraid in Brazil first aired:

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 2.51.42 PM.png

Source: Facebook

Here is a screen grab from the Kickstarter video that I had made. I had received permission from Moby to use one of his songs, as this was a nonprofit organization with educational purposes:

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 11.32.49 PM

Oh, but that blogger poem was about    her   frustrations   with   the   “commercialization    of   spirituality.” 

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 4.54.25 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Dang. Well, all of my art projects have been not for profit.

My company Reiki Herbal Company was nonprofit,

its Kickstarter project was for a nonprofit ecological purpose,

all the Stone Nudes calendars and the Stone Nudes book I was in were not for profit,

the time I broke the internet and shut down the world’s most famous bikini contest (Rolling Stone did a feature in 1986) with my lettuce bikini in 2006 (made it on MTV and some other channels, including a Canadian music television station) was not for profit

Note: The next few paragraphs are about my background as a nudist as it pertains to my rejection of capitalism, feel free to fast-forward if you’re short on time, to where it says “Continuing.”

that’s right. I literally stopped the show for seven years. I was working at Copper Mountain at the time, and enough people in Summit County complained about my nipples that the contest came to a complete halt. MTV interviewed me and then aired my interview repeatedly for several months. The quote in the newspaper link above is from that interview. This was six years pre #freethenipple, baby. Second place was my friend’s girlfriend in a lime green furry suit (an off-leash dog chased her and knocked her down on her run), and third place was a brunette chick with a regular blue two-piece bikini. The plural use of “contestants” showing too much skin is actually only referring to me and my nipples, thanks to the lightness of kale and the wind on the mountain that day.


Source: Freeskier Magazine

Two years later, PETA started using real lettuce on their trademark Lettuce Ladies (instead of plastic). Just a little info for you there.

 I’ve been pushing the envelope of non-sexual nudity and expression for a long time—on international mediums—since long before everyone and their dog started stripping on social media. This has been purely for art—not money. 

One of my elementary school best friends’ older sister, Kate Logan, became temporarily infamous for disrobing (to nakedness) during her high school valedictorian graduation speech at Long Trail School in Dorset, Vermont, in 1997. I was at her house when she turned down an interview with David Letterman—because she was making a statement. She wasn’t trying to get paid. I am 100% behind that mentality.

And in fact, being on Naked and Afraid was virtually not for profit because they don’t pay royalties.

All the money I made put together from Naked and Afraid was about $14,500, spread across two years, and the show practically ruined my life. Not many people know that. Most people think that all publicity equals income. This is not true. I think money is inherently evil; Janne writes about privilege and money constantly.

But I’m glad to see that that poem was about the frustrations with people    who    make   money   off   of   spirituality  and not something else

By the wayI made agreements with all of those collaborations and collaborators. Stone Nudes is the photography project of Dean Fidelman. He’s a legend photographer and respected in the rock climbing and outdoor worlds. I did photos for him in Yosemite, Colorado, and Thailand. Want to buy a print of me climbing out of the Indian Ocean? You can get it right here and support Dean Fidelman in the process. I won’t get a dime, because I make art for my soul, for personal growth, and for posterity. It’s a concept that capitalists and soulless individuals will never understand. It comes down to some deep spiritual beliefs that I have about energy and karma. And it’s a concept that only ethically works out when I agree to it—not when people like Janne steal it (though I have some things to say about Discovery Channel as well).

Isn’t it interesting to learn about these kinds of moments from a mostly pre-social media era? Before it was super easy to become an Instagram celebrity? It almost makes me feel old, and I’m 33. But god forbid anyone talk about a life or history outside of social media, right? We turned a corner in history and forgot about life outside of cyber space.

 I apologize for giving so much detail about my life but I feel like it’s important because it gives context to my own experiences. You may be on here reading this because you’ve heard of me, or because you’ve heard of Janne. Maybe you’ve never heard of either of us and have found yourself simply interested in the topic. So if it’s either of the latter, I feel as though you should understand a bit of who I am so you can understand where I am coming from. I am on international television and honestly have not spent my entire life using social media (I grew up with computers, using new media, but didn’t start using social media until my early twenties), and she is an Instagram celebrity who is 4 years younger than me and probably was using social media at a younger age than I was, due to its prevalence and growing integration into society. However, I was doing way cooler shit than she was at a younger age (that is of course my subjective opinion, but I firmly stick by it). One of these things has to do with real life and the other has to do with a manufactured online presence.

(Ironically, the general knee-jerk response from people when they hear that you were on a reality show is “Oh fuck you, you fake bitch.” Even though I actually barely put any effort into my online persona—I don’t really post many photos and I spend most of my “sharing” energy in writing on my blog or posting articles online. Whereas an Instagram influencer is seemingly capable of building an online persona by posting about 7,000 posts in 5 to 6 years and buying herself fancy wardrobes while paying for professional photo shoots to match up with her plagiarized writings, and it’s deemed “authentic” and “vulnerable.”)


It’s such a small world. I met the founder of Elephant Journal in 2006, at a hot spring resort. I was there with several of my healing arts school classmates and he and his friend were telling us about Elephant Journal, which was still relatively new at that point. Here is the only piece I’ve ever written for Elephant (not for profit). Obviously I care about Bernie Sanders—I’m from Vermont. I have to wonder if Janne was especially displeased with me getting an Elephant poem published? Since she had been aware of me for over a year and a half? And because she wrote for Elephant back then? This was before anyone could self-publish on Elephant.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.13 PM

Sources: Elephant Journal screenshot to Instagram

*Side note, the 2009 Stone Nudes calendar which I was on the cover of was also promoted by Elephant Journal, in December of 2009. I am the bottom left image and the photo was taken in Tonsai, Thailand.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.13.39 PM copy

Source: Elephant Journal

*The last paragraph on her post below is paraphrasing the last paragraph on mine: “…my art is never all cheery rainbows…it’s about the dark side of life, too” –> her art isn’t “rainbow farts…” her “authentic truths” aren’t “pretty and inspiring.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.20 PM.png

Sources: Instagram and Facebook

Janne brings up her crappy celebrities poem again, on April 4th. At this point, she was deep in creepin’ on my social media. I was talking about Naked and Afraid occasionally and squeezing rogue interviews in sometimes…but mostly, I was getting up at 6am every weekend and picketing for Bernie Sanders at this point in the timeline—while she was advocating for voter apathy—but we will get to that later.

I write another blog piece, one of the most important things I’ve ever written for myself, and Janne reposts her blogger poem about reiki-shaman-Colombia-visiting bloggers. (For context, my article first discusses my experiences in Brazil and then Colombia on Naked and Afraid XL).

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.29 PM.png

Sources: WordPress screenshot to Instagram, Instagram

*Note that the article referenced above came out 18 months prior to the #MeToo Movement. This was before the flood of Hollywood actors and women talking about their experiences with sexual assault and unethical Hollywood practices.

Back to the dancing vitriol, uncanny timing once again.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.05.47 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.06.03 PM

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.12.45 PM.png

Source: Instagram

The example above is ironic because, years later, Janne has repeatedly quoted the singer Peia Luzzi on social media, usually in conjunction with photos of herself (Janne), with the words: “Remember why you came here. Remember your life is sacred.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.12.54 PM.png

Source: Instagram

*This was one of the examples my attorney sent to Janne’s attorney. Immediately after receiving my attorney’s cease and desist letter, Janne went on a long tangent online about why she is not a white woman. Janne’s “brown” (a complete identity shift from how she has always   been white).  She proceeded to repeat almost everything that I was talking about in this example on the left, in the midst of being threatened with a legal battle for what she had been doing: misappropriating my art, repeatedly.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 2.48.14 PM

Source: Instagram and page 4 of 8 from my attorney’s Cease and Desist Letter to Janne Robinson

*I wrote this piece, above, in 2017 and felt different about it when I gave it to my attorney, a woman of color. In general, the act of white Caucasians complaining about misappropriation is referred to as a violent tool of unconscious racism called “centering.” It really made me uncomfortable to see Janne repeat what I was saying here, on her September 22, 2018 Instagram post, and while having her serial misappropriation pointed out in a legal context. (Link above, but here it is again: Janne understands what being discriminated against feels like because she once had to wait to be served at a restaurant in Greece.

(Was that triple misappropriation?) Okay, onward…

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.52.23 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.13.26 PM

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.51.39 PM.png

Source: Instagram

*Note that the above example is copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.13.48 PM

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.02 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.10 PM

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.17 PM

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.25 PM.png

Source: Instagram

“There are no gurus on social media,” I say. I wrote a poem that was referencing the Hundredth Monkey Effect. I mention “exorcising,” three days later, she calls herself an “exorcist.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.33 PM

Source: Instagram

*This was one of the examples my attorney sent to Janne’s attorney, minus the word frequency part. The same day that I received a response from Janne’s attorney, in which he brushed off this example and made fun of me for talking about “monkeys,” Janne posted a photo of herself holding a stick of sage while calling a bunch of politicians and public figures “monkeys.” Monkeys

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.14.40 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Notice how Janne mentions that she’s the “shame exorcist”? I don’t know, was I shaming anyone by saying that there aren’t any gurus on social media?

When I wrote this next poem, I emailed it to myself prior to publication, and predicted to 3 other people that I believed Janne would plagiarize it, because she had a tendency to steal the pieces that meant the most to me, or that I thought were decent.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 1.50.44 PM.png

Source: Instagram

*Note that the above poem is copyrighted with the US Copyright Office.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.13 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.41 PM.png

I tagged Janne and This is for the Women in every single post that was calling her out. And yes, she absolutely does see the posts that tag her. She’s not Beyoncé. She definitely looks at her tags, often responding to them or reposting them.

I am a registered Trademarked celebrity with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which is not an easy mark to obtain. I did this to protect myself.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.15.48 PM

Source: Instagram

*The technical term for this kind of Trademark infringement is called “Reverse Passing Off,” or in Janne’s case, “Express Reverse Passing Off.” The trademark name is completely obliterated and the goods and services associated with it are essentially relabeled. There are federal and state laws prohibiting this.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 3.31.30 PM

Source: Instagram

Below: See my post where I speak about another woman intentionally stealing another trademark from me in 2015, after I was incorporated in California and doing business with the name.

I specifically said that I couldn’t afford to litigate—it wasn’t even that much. All I needed was $10,000. But I couldn’t afford it. I SAID THIS ON INSTAGRAM AND JANNE SAW THIS.

This was on Instagram and was part of the conversation about what Janne was doing. NOTE that trademarks and copyrights are completely different things. This other woman stole a trademark name, a company name. But this copyrighted artwork was and is indeed still copyrighted.

*I saved all my money from Naked and Afraid XL, slept on a couch and worked double-shifts for 8 months, put every dime I had into that company, and made all my lab-tested (on humans), dermatologist-approved, organic lip balms by hand. I was raising money for preventing bee colony collapse disorder.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.16.58 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Some background info on my copyrighted nude lotus woman design (copyrighted 2015, lasts past the duration of my lifetime):

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.17.27 PM.png

Source: Facebook

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.17.56 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.18.04 PM

She changed my slogan of “Be Bold, Bee Beautiful” to “Walk Tall.” Her ring is supposed to exemplify her “mission” and “dharma” of lifting women up—all women, except the marginalized, like me, of course.

The case of Rogers v. Koons, 960 F. 2d 301 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 1992 upheld that 3D renditions/derivatives of 2D works of art are copyright infringement, even with minor elements changed or omitted. Here are those two works of art side-by-side.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.58.28 PM.png

Source: Google Image Search, “Rogers vs. Koons”

I did an extensive online search for other art with these exact dimensions and found nothing with the same exact dimensions. There are some similar pieces of art with similar dimensions—but not a single search result yielded anything with the same exact dimensions. Here are three renderings through a computer sketching program of my copyrighted art as published on its original medium, and Janne’s rip-off as a ring. As you can see, they are the same in size as well. A lip balm tube is actually about the same exact size and shape as a finger, and if these two pieces of art were compared in a court room, I am sure a jury or judge would see the obvious.Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 8.36.19 PM.png

Here is a slide from my research, regarding this design. There is one other design on the entire internet that I can find that even remotely resembles my art. It looks like once upon a time, one jeweler created a nude woman with her head cocked to the left and her leg lifted asymmetrically, and then a bunch of other jewelers ripped that design off. It’s actually amazing how unoriginal people can be. Like, come on. No one could make a ring with the nude woman’s head cocked to the right? 

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 9.07.35 PM.png

If you ran any of those rings above through a sketch program, they wouldn’t look like my art the way that Janne’s derivative does. Seriously, GTFO. Even the hair is the same on both of our pieces of art. Considering the timeline, there is zero chance that she did not do this on purpose.

By the way— a derivative is defined as coming from one or more pre-existing artworks. So if you rip off two artists at once, you’re actually liable for two lawsuits over infringement, if those artworks are registered.

Janne claimed that her ring was based off of one of the above designs—none of which are mainstream. Sure, I bet she based her ring off of the design above—and I also bet she based it off of my artwork. She announced the new artwork would be coming out after I called her out on social media and posted my artwork, in the same conversation. I also have proof of her and the jeweler whom she contracted going back and editing posts featuring the ring, adding new captions regarding when the idea was conceived. They did this in August. I have screenshots.

What you have just seen above is some of the timeline that was put together between my attorney and I. We were requesting that Janne partake in mediation and demanding that she cease and desist. However, she refused. She had an attorney essentially say that I wished I was like Janne. Uh, what? How extraordinarily creepy. Like, on one hand, we showed them three or four examples—and surely Janne told her attorney she was innocent, but….Do you even realize that this amount of copying actually implies…kind of the opposite? I don’t have a time machine. Talk about


My attorney called Janne’s response the “most narcissistic letter [she’d] ever received from an opposing party,” [paraphrased] and I have to say that I fully believe her. For in order for all of this to have happened in the first place, Janne must have been essentially stalking my pages. For lack of a better word…it really seems she stalked me. Additionally, her response letter noted that I have less money than Janne and accused me of being a less reliable or trustworthy person than she because of the difference in our economic statuses. It also claimed that my social media following was smaller than hers and therefore I must be jealous. Wow.

First and foremost, Janne assumes that all people who use social media are doing it for the same reasons as she is—to capitalize on a brand—and fails to recognize, in a real-time and space scenario off of social media, that perhaps a person’s self-worth shouldn’t be tied to blue check marks, followers, and likes. You won’t catch her coming close to even hinting this on her pages, but this is the argument she put forth when confronted about a few random examples of plagiarism when out of the public’s eye.

Personally, I reject all of that—I reject the notion of stealing other people’s art in order to popularize it, or in contributing to groupthink in any way, shape, or form. Hence why, for instance, she pays for social media delivery and I only rely on organic reach. Most people don’t know that business or artist pages with over 10k followers decrease delivery to about 2 to 3%, sometimes it will organically take off to 11%, but it gets capped because Facebook (and Instagram) wants you to pay. Janne puts money into her delivery to boost her posts (many of which are plagiarized!). I just don’t care to pay to boost a “brand.” I trademarked my name to protect myself. I’m not selling you anything. I literally care only about expression and advocacy for freedom, justice, and equality.

Above all those things—I care about media manipulation.

Janne’s response letter specifically grabbed a smear article about me off of the internet, written by a misogynist/ woman-hating tabloid, to try to back up whatever points they were trying to make. One would think that—of all the articles written about me— they could have at least found a smear article not written by a woman-hating publication, because in using it, they were giving opinionated credence to woman-haters. Why would a “feminist” and her attorney pick a misogynist tabloid to back up their views?

*Her attorney also made a comment that the response letter was exclusively his own intellectual property and that I did not have permission to reproduce or publish it. I have therefore paraphrased their responses instead of posting them, although I believe I could legally post them here in conjunction with this criticism and commentary, pursuant to the fair use doctrine.

One or two coincidences could be plausible, but twenty, thirty? No. We thought perhaps her excuse would have been parody, but no. She denied ever having seen any of my writing, despite the fact that she actually followed my Instagram account for a brief period of time in 2016. And besides that, anyone can look at anyone’s social media account, as a follower or not, unless it’s set to private.

For context, here are some examples of other people calling out Janne for plagiarism. The post shown below is here and Janne has since deleted all the comments calling her out. There was another comment from a woman that said “This is a cheap knock off of a poem by Warsan Shire, a woman of color. Shame on you.” Without that comment, I would not have personally even known who Janne was knocking off. But the point is, multiple people recognized the plagiarism. This male commenter on the right, below, is calling Janne “Becky,” which is a slang word for “white woman” that can have different meanings— snobbish, or wanting to be like women of color, are two of them. (By the way, I had numerous posts about speaking out—like she mentions here on the right, under the part that was plagiarized from Warsan—one which specifically said “for if we allow one person to be silenced, we allow all people to be silenced.” I would say “speaking out” is one of the major themes in my writing, considering my history.

Context Other Plagiarism 2 of 4 Context Other Plagiarism 1 of 4

Source: Facebook

Here is Warsan Shire’s poem. It is called “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love”

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 10.54.32 PM

Source: Words by Warsan Shire; Screenshot from “Poetry Friday: For Women Who Are Difficult to Love.” Live, Love, Simple., livelovesimple.com/for-women-who-are-difficult-to-love/.

If you are still unclear on the exact definition of plagiarism, here is a page about it from Northern Illinois University. You can search on Google Scholar under “plagiarism detection” or “plagiarism definition” for more information, if you are interested. Here is a tutorial about plagiarism from Duke University.

The more intentional the plagiarist is, the harder plagiarism can be to detect— but I assure you, people who know, such as the original creators/artists/writers, will detect it—especially when it keeps happening over extended lengths of time. Janne also has posted at least twice about this kind of thing; I posted screenshots at the very top of this blog piece showing that. Therefore she is undoubtedly aware of what she is doing, and aware that it is unethical (and in certain instances, such as when willful and done to a registered piece of intellectual property, against the law).

Here is another example of someone calling out Janne for plagiarism. An account says: “This caption about sewing your ass to your face is plagiarized from the Ted Talk – The Power of Vulnerability. It’s not her original thought. The context of the talk is much more compassionate, not judgmental and violent like this. And it’s one of many examples of her lifting words from others and passing them off as her own.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.08.12 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Aaaaand this is the part where I tear the wool from your eyes, as they say, and I do this with sadness. HOWEVER, I fully believe she is a con artist, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and somebody needs to expose this. I think the person to expose this should be me, considering what has happened.

So let’s talk about college, poverty, and politics. We’ve already looked at the art aspect of this timeline of copying. There is one more topic that I believe I have a plethora of evidence in which to point out fraud or deliberate misleading of her followers, but I actually do feel sorry for Janne. And to point out that last topic is just too much for me to do. So I’m going to stick to sociological topics here.

And then the article continues with more examples of blatant copying and plagiarism.

All I care about is reclaiming my story and calling out this behavior, because it’s not just a gaslight technique that’s affected me. It has affected all the people who follow her under her guise of “authenticity.” Please understand that this is a difficult situation to be in because it means I have had to retrace what Janne has done, and that has been time consuming and demoralizing.

Misappropriation of a College Student

I also care because I have spent most of the last decade taking college courses in order to better my life, while getting straight-A’s. I write a ridiculous amount every day, as a person who loves writing but also because school was my job for many years. Janne has been preaching to her young followers that they should not go to college. Janne: “Don’t go to the university”/ “there ‘is’ no promises a robot won’t replace you in like 6 years.” Because of course, why go to college when you can just find another college student to prey on and rip off while they pay for school and put all the time into developing their critical thinking skills and comprehension?

And the most important aspect to college is academic integrity…citing sources, giving credit…and Janne does not do these things most of the time. 

Janne: “Why you should drop out”

Janne: “Forget college…find mentors” (like her) instead

And I fought tooth and nail for my college degrees. I spent about half of my time in college shivering in sub-freezing temperatures while homeless and trying to keep my computer charged. I fought tooth and nail for my education because I know that school is important if you want to make a real difference in the world. If anything, it’s given me the tools to put together impeccable research papers and timelines in order to call out crooks.

Misappropriation of Poverty

This actually brings me to my next point, which I feel is important though aware of the arguments it may bring up. I bring this up with reluctance because I do not know Janne personally and I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way. But, considering the timeline, I have to wonder about another aspect of Janne’s narrative: welfare.

Janne is the kind of person who says “my truths” a lot. You can see this for yourself if you read her social media. But what exactly is the truth and what is smoke and mirrors considering the context of the timeline between when the copying started and now? I ask this because I was speaking about homelessness prior to and after being on Naked and Afraid. The show used clips of me and the vehicle I was living out of on at least three occasions. And the reason why I question Janne’s rags to riches narrative is because of the first publishing date that I can find regarding it, because of the same three anecdotes that Janne gives when speaking about financial difficulty, and, mostly, because someone who has experienced real, severe, poverty generally has empathy and compassion for others who are or have also experienced severe, real poverty.

On the contrary, Janne’s response letter to me verbally assaulted me and my character because of my finances.

Now, when I say homelessness, I mean that I spent a good portion of my twenties homeless. I spent years in breaking-down vehicles, many of those years actually with other family members and dogs (for instance, one of those times was after a house burned down and I took in two other people and a dog, on top of me and my dog, into a five-seater, 2-door Jeep),

and I’ve spent months at a time working in exchange for housing on many, many occasions:

I was Dean Potter’s BASE jumping spotter for three or four months, while actually spending whole nights solo-hiking 28 miles roundtrip in the park’s backcountry (I did that five times), in the snow, just to do something and not be at his place all the time. I also guided him and Sean Leary on their first ever jump through a moving hole in the clouds, in 2010 (I timed the movement from the ground and got to witness their smiling faces upon landing);

I spent three months caring for an elderly woman with Alzheimers.

I have spent years trimming cannabis in exchange for housing.

I spent years living in tents in a national park while working,

years living in a national park while hiking my massage table into the backcountry to give massages

at High Sierra camps

and along the PCT

and doing chair massage at music events.

Bartending, waitressing, teaching various sports, working in bookstores, landscaping, exterior painting, and lifeguarding have been some of my jobs apart from my massage profession and those may or may not be lucrative depending on the location and season—but few of those would really fall into the “starving” income category.

(By the way, really starving is painful, I would know).

I’ve been to food pantries about a hundred times, many of those times to provide food for other family members in addition to myself.

I have had many lunches with and bought coffees for other homeless people, even while homeless myself, because that is the right thing to do.

I went on Naked and Afraid to starve on camera because sleeping outside and being uncomfortable are two things I’ve actually experienced a lot of in real life.

There were times in between these homeless times that I worked at high-end spas, but between a death in my family, going on TV and waiting in limbo for my departure date, two break-ups, and two sexual assaults, there were many times when I had to get up and relocate.

I relocated without a credit card to my name, no parents to help me out, and no savings.

This is because the reality in the United States of America is that pulling yourself up from your bootstraps is impossible without a financial support system (Janne has had one) somewhere.

You need money to make money, and I know this after trying to start three different companies. You need money to start up, money for lawyers, money for advertising and public relations…you get my point.

Being an average US citizen without a financial support network, credit, or savings, is incredibly difficult.

It can be exhausting.

It can feel helpless.

Even with beautiful scenery, it can feel disenfranchising.

And when one has experienced these things, to the point where they have felt real, serious disenfranchisement and marginalization, they learn empathy. They learn compassion. They do not attack other people—other women—on their levels of integrity because they are poor.

But what can you expect when she willfully ripped me off AGAIN, after being asked to stop, and that she literally ripped off a piece of artwork that was associated with a discussion of being taken advantage of and not having the money to defend myself?! Who does that?!

So I question the veracity of whether Janne’s anecdotes are truly or honestly reflective of poverty, as they include, for instance, renting out her place on Airbnb—because impoverished people don’t have the luxury of having a place to rent out, or a place nice enough to rent out on Airbnb. I question the anecdote of having $60 for three days once (later she says it was $60 for a week)—because that is just any normal week for a poor person. Additionally, she slept in a hammock on the beach (in Costa Rica? What is the exchange rate there?) during those three days, which is something many people just do for fun. Also, the luxury of getting to go stay at a butterfly sanctuary for 9 months—though here she says 6 months—while writing isn’t really a poverty anecdote. And chopping wood in a log cabin would seem pretty dreamy to a poor person—staying in a log cabin does not make you a poor person.

Janne refers to herself as having spent most of her life as a “starving artist,” but if you really analyze this narrative, you’ll see that she decided to quit her white collar and blue collar jobs to just be a writer in 2012 and was making a decent living very shortly after. At most, it looks like she could have spent 3 years as a part-time writer while donating time at various retreats and as an intern—eating $8 boxes of gluten-free cereal.

Nowhere can I find a story where Janne actually reflects true poverty, let alone welfare. I’m not going to say that she has never been on welfare, because I don’t know her. But in the U.S., welfare is for parents—not single people. The Canadian lexicon is a little different and Canadian income assistance can be called welfare—but it still doesn’t add up as a reflection of poverty, from the perspective of someone who has actually experienced real starvation and the deepest throes of poverty for extended lengths of time.

To me, it seems as if she is inflating her welfare story to something much bigger than it was, regardless of the length of time that she received it. Receiving welfare assistance while tanning on the beach sounds pretty cushy to me, to be honest—and so does receiving welfare assistance while stoking wood fires from a quaint log cabin. Janne’s advice to other people on how to make more money also includes tips like hiring assistants and people to detail your house and home—and of course, those are things that are only really available to upper-middle class people.

I say upper-middle class because there is not much of a middle class these days: it’s generally upper or lower class. So one would really have to be on the upper spectrum in order to be able to even consider paying others to assist them, in order to save 10 hours of their life for things like surfing. Her narrative used to be that she grew up with money  —

“I always had [money], spent it, made rent without a sweat
I paid the bill, chose the nicest red by the glass
They knew my first name at my favourite stores
We both knew they liked my credit card
But it’s nice when they know you.”

—but suddenly shifted to a “lifetime of being broke.” What is a lifetime if only three years? But Janne’s followers seem to be comprised of mostly privileged women like herself, and Instagram users are statistically wealthier than the average United States citizen, or rather, the higher one’s income the greater the chance of using Instagram, so I think these points sort of fly over most people’s heads.

Additionally, the hallmark trait of marginalized people is impoverishment; to con your followers into thinking that your cushioned privilege was somehow impoverishment and imply that economically destitute people could be just like you if they just surfed a little more and paid assistants to do their everyday chores, is quite violent. Just as misappropriating women of color is violent, misappropriating impoverished people is also violent. It teaches other privileged people that real poor people are somehow stupid or lazy and contributes to further misunderstanding and marginalization within society, especially when as the message of an “influencer”/ life coach.

I think I have a good reason for questioning these things, considering what has happened. While I commend any person who decides to follow their dreams, I am not buying her rags to riches story because, again: 1) the anecdotes are repetitive and not reflective of true poverty, 2) the timeline in which she began this story, 3) the constant contradictions and lack of a firm timeline within her own narrative, 4) the timeline in which she began the copying, and 5) her response letter was extremely attacking of poor people.

And just as an example of her subtle violence towards poor people:

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 12.10.18 PM

Source: Instagram

Misappropriation of Politics

Then there was the fact that while this was going on and I was picketing for and promoting Bernie Sanders during the democratic primaries in 2015 and 2016, Janne was telling her young following not to vote. 2016 election voter apathy Just to be clear, she is a Canadian citizen who resides in the United States with a visa. I don’t think she can vote in our elections. More 2016 election voter apathy But for her to be advocating apathy when we needed young voters to get out and be proactive was surely detrimental. After all, she is an influencer.

As soon as I deactivated my Instagram account, around the midterm elections, she posted a pic of her merchandise with a caption about voting.

Last month, she was paid by a clothing company to wear a white blazer and threw Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s name out (unrequitedly), but AOC is a democratic socialist, mostly anti-capitalism, and pro-education; Janne is a capitalist and anti-education.

Try to engage Janne in a conversation about politics and she will delete comments, and my guess is that it is because she has no idea what she is talking about; and also, that she is basing her identity around ideas and people that profit her in some way because they are trending or popular.

Also: hate to break this to Janne & co., but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a white cape sleeve blazer to the State of the Union, not just any regular blazer. Of the dozens of names that could have been thrown out there and homaged to, AOC’s style was probably the furthest away from the Banana Republic jacket Janne claimed was modeled after AOC. There were dozens of women wearing white to SOTU; perhaps a more appropriate comparison would have been to Ana Maria Archila? Janne’s company page used a trending photo of AOC and Ana Maria wearing white; perhaps Janne got the two women mixed up or…just preferred to homage to the one with a larger Instagram following? And P-L-E-A-S-E, don’t pretend to like a politician while literally embodying the exact opposite of what the politician stands for, just to look cool. SMH.

*(4/15/19 post-publishing note—Fill in the quote by AOC: “You could reach in a bag and pull so many things out that are _____.”)

Regardless…many, many examples have been documented in which she directly contradicts something I say, only to turn a 180 soon after, or months or years after. Art, writing, philosophy, lifestyle choices, etc, etc, etc.

And these examples overlap each other in a continuous timeline, to the point where her uncredited responses (and copies) are predictable. This does not fit the narrative of pro-women or pro-sisterhood, but rather is the narrative of a typical “mean girl.”

To me, it feels very bullying. It feels as if she was bullying me and stealing my intellectual property, to an extreme level. I almost wonder if all the contradicting that has gone on between our opinions is because she actually is jealous of me? It seems she has repeatedly contradicted me at the same time as copying my content, but then sometimes goes back and contradicts her contradictions of me…as if it doesn’t matter what I say, she just wants to contradict it, rip it off, or contradict it and then rip it off. For instance, if I had been picketing for Hillary, would she have promoted Bernie? I have to wonder. If I didn’t have a big caption on my www.honorabowen.com website saying “Stay in school, become a scientist, for the love of humanity,” would she be still be preaching to everyone to not go to school or to drop out of school? I have to wonder. I can’t find a plausible excuse for her behavior, but rather, can only make conjectures.

Maybe she just wanted a spot on my WordPress blog?

And while some may think of this as flattering, it’s definitely not. Her whole brand is based off of boosting women up, and that is not what she was doing. I mentioned that Janne was causing me distress. She was causing me incredible, severe, sleep-stopping stress, depression, and anxiety. She continued, if not exacerbated, the behavior, after being called out and after I said she was causing me distress. Suffice it to say, she was intentionally inflicting distress on me, a stranger who she’s never met, a woman, while in the name of pursuing her stardom. I cannot adequately describe how this has affected my life.

Willful Infringement After Notification

Janne ignored multiple cease and desist letters from me and multiple requests for mediation from the California Lawyers for the Arts’ mediation center director while continuing to post stories and photos of herself wearing the Walk Tall ring while flicking cameras off with the middle finger. She deleted multiple comments from me under photos of the infringing ring saying “cease and desist” and notifying her that I had sent cease and desist letters to her email. She most definitely was aware of what she was doing and was purposefully preventing legal conversation and due process of law. I actually started taking classes on how to represent myself pro se in forma pauperis while seeking out a lawyer.

I contacted her in July, the day I saw the derivative of my registered artwork released to the public, which is what you are supposed to do when you own registered intellectual property. There are stipulations regarding statutes of limitations as well as evidentiary urgency in how an infringed party responds to infringement.

And then, two months later, in September (after I immediately initiated notifications to cease and desist or face legal action in July)—she and her attorney accused me of interfering with her book tour. This was a book tour for a book that came out a year or so earlier, by the way. This was a book tour that wasn’t even announced until August.

Again, super annoying: After thorough investigation, I found a September/October book tour announcement from Janne made on August 17th, which was 20+ days after I initiated contact with her about this legal issue. That was 20+ days after she publicly announced that she was selling a derivative infringement of my registered intellectual property for commerce. That was 20+ days after she had deleted cease and desist comments from her Instagram. That was 20+ days after I had sent her two cease and desist notifications via her form on her website, and multiple emails. That was weeks after the California Lawyers for the Arts’ Mediation Center director contacted her. Janne ignored everyone for weeks. She ignored the CA Lawyers for the Arts completely. GTFO.

If Janne really wanted to make that an issue or a point of contention, she could have and should have responded professionally and said that she was willing to have legal discussions or participate in mediation but would be temporarily unavailable due to a book tour in two months. Plain and simple. But she didn’t.

She ignored everyone, then planned a book tour, then went on the book tour, and then accused me of asserting my rights while she was partying.

Let’s be clear now:



Yes, hate to break it to you darling, but legal matters like this don’t halt for the defendant’s party schedule. None of my business. Not my problem. Legal business is supposed to be taken care of ASAP. But good to know that Janne thinks it’s okay to willfully infringe on other people’s intellectual property and that the world revolves around her.

It’s actually baffling.**

**She’s also brought up this point on social media while omitting the entire story, rephrasing it to make it sound like she just happened to be out on her book tour when I approached her about the willful infringement. For example, see this post that she made after this original blog entry was published: right here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 3.20.00 PM

Source: Instagram

(Of course she mentions how “resilient” she is for having to cough up $7000 for her tour parties. Wow. Golf clap. This chick reeks of blind entitlement; and I’m definitely not the first person to say that. Let me guess: did the $7,000 +$6,000 come from the most recent registered intellectual property she was infringing on and rapidly selling for $140 a pop?)

Just to reiterate the blaring incongruence within Janne’s alternate narrative here:

July: September = Two entirely different months that do not coincide in any way, shape, or form in the traditional space-time continuum. They’re not next to each other in the calendar. 

Again, I do not have a time machine—and unless Janne thinks I have a time machine, she’s deliberately misleading people.

In fact, it definitely seems as though she tried to run away from being confronted with this legal issue of timed and willful copyright infringement by deciding to go travel and party on a somewhat spontaneous book tour.

And so here I am going to lay down the entire timeline, post-infringement of the registered copyrighted visual artwork that was released in July of 2018:

I initiated contact with Janne in July. I sent her multiple cease and desist notices. I contacted the CA Lawyers for the Arts and the mediation center director immediately got to work on sending Janne an official request for mediation. The director used email and certified mail. Janne was informed that she would be hearing from the CA Lawyers for the Arts prior to even hearing from them, because I told her. Janne had a Canada-based entertainment attorney contact me in the second and third weeks of August and he completely failed to properly address the issue. I responded by actually guiding him through copyright and trademark law and pointed out that he appeared to have no idea what he was talking about.

My guess is he really had no idea what he was talking about, or he was saying what his client was paying him to say. This attorney then dropped out of the picture.

THEN Janne emailed me in the third week of August and asked me for what evidence I had. To be clear, the only other time that I can recall a civilian asking me for evidence, I spoke about here, in this blog post. A lady who openly endorsed a human trafficking ring in the past was pretending to be involved in trying to shut it down, and she asked me for all my evidence. When I did not give it to her, she boldly threatened me and then enlisted in the military shortly after.

My response to shady individuals involved in breaking laws, when they ask me for evidence, is this: sure, you can see the evidence when the rest of the world sees it, openly and publicly.

Janne also claimed that mediation would be too expensive—and in fact tried to persuade me that it would be too expensive for me, strangely enough.

To be clear, I was offering to travel to the CA Lawyers for the Arts mediation clinic which was nearest to her, and the CA Lawyers for the Arts has a sliding fee scale. One mediation session would have been relatively inexpensive for Janne, much less expensive than the money she instead dumped into attorneys. She would have spent at most probably about 1/10th of what she spent on attorneys.

Then, I found a decent attorney to assist me and we got Janne yet another cease and desist letter in September. At that point, Janne still had not left her city of residence for any sort of book tour. So all of these communications happened prior to her book tour, which was not announced until August 17th. Then she had Michael Jackson’s estate’s prior attorney send my attorney a really nasty letter. So again, the fact that Janne needed to pay so much to an attorney just to try to scare me away—when she could have just participated in mediation—is her own prerogative.

I also would like to add, that I gingerly refrained from jumping to any conclusions about the nature of what was happening for the first two years. I mean this as in from 2016 to 2018: the first two years that I was aware of Janne—not the first two years that Janne was aware of me. I kept questioning myself until I asked for a second, third, and fourth opinion. I initially tried reaching out to her and tried being friendly (in 2016 and 2017), assuming that would immediately stop any unwarranted hostility or feelings of jealousy. It is a painful thing to accuse someone of being jealous, and I don’t enjoy conjecturing about it. I think everyone should be comfortable in their own lives and give everyone around them the benefit of the doubt of the same sense of contentment and self satisfaction. Many of these examples were discovered retroactively, as I found it unnerving to observe the copying on a regular basis. Many of the more obvious examples were discovered in 2018, after enlisting legal help.

But oh—there’s more.

In a coup de grâce, Janne informed all of her followers that she has “incredible empathy and compassion for people who are famous,” (directly contradicting her long lasting “celebrities” poem/ celebrities are shallow propaganda that she was using prior to becoming “famous”) in a post where she segues from how difficult it is to be beautiful, into how difficult it was for her to be threatened by a lawsuit. She says she often wishes she was “anonymous.” She does not mention my name, but actually implies that some random person decided to threaten her with a frivolous lawsuit because of her success (as an Instagram celebrity?). Check it out here: Janne has empathy for celebrities, after all .

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.47.48 AM.png

Source: Instagram

Well jeez, Janne, you took the words right out of my mouth. Actually, she did take those words right out of my mouth, because I posted about the same thing two months earlier. Here are the two posts, and I apologize but they are in Java (JSON) format from my Instagram data download:

*8th highlighted line from the top: “When I was younger, I wanted to be famous. I seriously wish otherwise now. It’s much easier and healthier being anonymous,” I said. The first post (1 of 2) of the two is actually below the second (2 of 2) on this screenshot.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 12.46.18 AM

Here are the photos that went with those two posts, in case you care. (Not really important, but hey)


Source: Instagram, Left Photo Credit: Dean Potter on the way to Yosemite’s “Leaning Tower.”

Yes, I, too, have incredible empathy for people who are famous. I actually have a ton of empathy for myself, too, Janne. Have you ever tried being infamous? It’s like fame, but a million times worse. It means everyone talks about you passively and you become a voiceless “thing” that has contributed to society in such a way that no one will ever forget. It means people like Janne will try to meticulously and systematically pick apart every sense of your identity without giving you any credit. Try Google Searching “Honora Bowen infamous” or “Honora Bowen Naked and Afraid Infamous” and see what pops up. Here are some examples:

Here’s an article

Another article

And another one

And yet another one

and…another one

F*ck me, here’s another one

The definition of infamy,

as retrieved from (n.d.). Retrieved March 27, 2019, from https://www.google.com/search?q=infamy definition&oq=infamy de&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l4.4686j1j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
noun: infamy; plural noun: infamies
  1. the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed.
    “a day that will live in infamy”
    synonyms: notorietydisrepute, disreputableness, ill repute, ill fame, loss of reputation, disgracediscreditshamedishonorignominyscandalcensureblamedisapprobationcondemnationcontemptMore

    antonyms: honoranonymityvirtue

By the way, did you know David Letterman’s favorite TV show is Naked and Afraid? He showed a clip of me on his show on 10/2/14, and has publicly referenced the show repeatedly ever since.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.30.22 PM.png

I had people messaging me that they were listening to clips of me on their local radio stations.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.24.46 PM.png

I had people telling me they were watching my episodes in countries around the world, like Japan.

japan naa.jpg

Oh hey, guess who my biggest critics usually are? People who hate feminists. I’ve never even actually labeled myself as a feminist, but people who hate feminists hate me. Like here when some misogynist a**hole whom I’ve never heard of but has almost 2 million views on YouTube has a whole discussion about my episode on his “Naked and Afraid offers lessons in gender and feminism” video. Apparently my existence has led to his conclusion that women are too confident, which is an existential threat to men like him.

*Note: I found out in October of 2020 that the above-mentioned critic of mine is actually the founder of the Proud Boys. Gavin McInnes is a male chauvinist with a violent MAGA movement that calls to murder people. He doesn’t like my brand of feminism. He started the Proud Boys the year after he posted that video where he was trying to character assassinate me. Here is a video of him talking about his organization, if you’re interested.

Then Alex Jones referenced one of my episodes while claiming that feminism was going to be the downfall of society. Have you heard of James Franco or Seth Rogen? Did you know they did a parody Naked and Afraid episode with Discovery Channel? Or how about Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and his parody of Naked and Afraid with Leslie Jones on Saturday Night LiveEllen DeGeneres has spoken about Naked and Afraid repeatedly and actually had Kristen Bell do a parody skit of it on her show. Stephen Colbert recently said, on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “I’m looking forward to seeing Trump debate Bernie Sanders on Naked and Afraid.” LOL (It’s right at the end of the clip)

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.08.19 PM.png

Okay, so a lot of people watch Naked and Afraid.

And I am constantly referred to as the most infamous (remember, infamy is not a pleasant descriptor to have associated with yourself) participant on Naked and Afraid. Ironically, an antonym for infamy is “honor,” and another one is “anonymity.” Guess who can’t ever be anonymous again? Infamous people. And if you want to read about why I am infamous for being on Naked and Afraid, here is why: How Naked and Afraid is Like a Nazi Experiment

Here is a short article from someone else about it.

Hence, this is the exact reason why my personal appearances, writings, and art have been important to me.

So I think it is fascinating that Janne wanted everyone to know how difficult a time she was having after being threatened with a lawsuit, after purposefully continuing the intellectual property infringement with full knowledge that she would be threatened with a lawsuit. I am also so delighted to know how much empathy and compassion Janne has for people who have lost their anonymity. Because being privy to her stalking some international reality show participant, systematically ripping them off for half a decade, over half of a decade and then gaslighting them and all her followers really could have fooled me.

Let Me Be Clear: This is abusive, and I am calling it out.

What few seem to understand is what it feels like to be framed, assaulted, defamed, and censored while continuously aired around the world to billions of people, on into eternity. Really, please try to close your eyes and think about it. There are many factors involved in this concept that really take some focus in order to understand if one has not experienced it themselves, because they are so far from most people’s realities.

And most people attach so many stigmas to the various tiny aspects of who I am—I am a woman, I am on TV, I am on reality TV, I am outspoken, I am a nudist (because I grew up as one, meaning I was a nudist at age five, not just when I grew boobs). Mostly, the reason why all of these parts of me make my very existence so very hard to understand is that Discovery framed me and then maliciously edited bits and pieces of my experiences while on Naked and Afraid to create some kind of super villain, with zero care as to how that would affect me and my life, and the lives of people who love me—my family, my friends. My writings have been incredibly valuable and important to me. For Janne to prey on a person in my shoes, fully aware that the person that I am has been so passionate about speaking out my situation, feels evil.

What this entire situation has done essentially is serve to not just cross ethical boundaries in academia and the professional world, whether that be healing arts, coaching, or any other genre, but it has also been ongoing with an intention that it was causing me distress. As an artist, this is distressing; and as a human, this is distressing. It is also distressing as someone who is well-known and yet defamed, from a personal level. And it has also completely diluted my trademark, which is me and my offerings to the world.

No, it is not pro-women. Not in the slightest. I don’t care if she gets along with every single other woman on the planet. You don’t do this to people. You don’t do this to one person, whether they are famous, infamous, or anonymous. As I have said before, if we allow one person to be silenced, the effects ripple out to everyone.

Fun fact: I used to write for a women’s publication under an alias and our mission was to boost up women and intersectional feminist issues, with an emphasis on women of color and current events that are important to the Y and Z generations, such as climate change and equal rights. I actually boosted up other women. I didn’t write to boost myself up. This was several years after going on Naked and Afraid. Writing to boost people up without any direct benefit to one’s own public persona is really the truest test of care. To praise another woman without affiliating your brand with hers, without expecting something in return, without being a socialite, is what advocacy is truly about.

And that is the obvious difference that I see in Janne’s portfolio. Her feminism is not intersectional, nor is it really aimed at doing anything other than making an argument for why everything she does is perfect and other women aren’t doing it right. (And this is mirrored in the fact that she has alternated between ripping me off and subtly making stabs at me. Remember the Everyone’s a Fucking Blogger poem? That comes up again, keep reading.) Really, I’ve seen countless people try to point this out to her online and she deletes it all. And it makes perfect sense when you realize that her business model is actually based on theft, most of which is theft of other women. What is boosting up any sort of group of people when you’re doing so by preying on someone who society sees as belonging to that group?

 I actually told my attorney all I wanted was an apology.

~*Just a few more notes*~


The screenshot below was posted about one week into the #MeToo movement. Janne mentions how bored she is with social media because someone somewhere started to share truth—what actually happens behind the scenes and then we all started doing it—” and then complains about people talking about suffering. She kind of facetiously calls it a “humble” practice.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 6.58.17 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Does that post seem like Janne was bitter? The Me Too movement just so happened to start about a month into my Kickstarter for my voluntary polygraph tests regarding my 2016 account of sexual assault and the myriad of other things that happened behind the scenes on Naked and Afraid. I was challenging my critics by asking them to contribute to my questions. I thought of Me Too as a glorious moment in history and it made me feel less alone. Reading Janne’s words above makes me think she was bitter.

In my opinion, one doesn’t get to complain about people talking about their suffering while deliberately victimizing a certain “someone somewhere.” You don’t get to be a cause of suffering and complain about people talking about it, especially during the #MeToo movement. HELLO. This woman needs to take some sociology or anthropology classes because no important movement ever happened without a) people suffering, and b) people talking about it. That’s how growth happens.

And her response letter to me attacked me for pushing for a polygraph test.

Janne’s 2018 Nazi Analogy from a TSA Checkpoint is Okay But My 2016 Detailed Account About Naked and Afraid Wasn’t

…Okay, there is yet another point I would like to make here, while I am analyzing Janne’s response letter to my attorney…

Her letter mentioned my 2016 article titled ““How Naked and Afraid is Like a Nazi Experiment and Why I Faked the Blackout in Brazil,” in a way that seemed as if that article was somehow inappropriate for its hyperbolic title. To clarify, I wrote that very detailed account of what happened behind the scenes on Naked and Afraid because it was true, it was important, and because there are actually similarities between Discovery Channel’s manipulation of humans for commerce and the way the Nazis experimented on people.

To be clear, Naked and Afraid actually describes itself in fine print as a “social experiment.” In my case, as well as with other participants whom I have spoken to, there was deliberate administering of certain pharmaceuticals to particular participants while others had unprescribed supplements. In my case, they withheld a prescription and administered Malarone to me. The producers are often highly trained in psychologically manipulating people, as are the people they are in constant communication with who work at Discovery Channel. I was naked, without a phone, without a pen or pencil or pad of paper, without anything of my own except a survival item with which to use to live off the land in a foreign country. And I was being psychologically manipulated, as were the other people on the show. When I was no longer filming the show, Discovery purposefully manipulated footage to make it look like I had pubic lice—while I was promoting a body product company— because I was outing them online. Those initial comments were retracted and then they offered me another “go,” only to manipulate me again. There was a gross amount of manipulation going on. This was also while I was willingly putting myself in a situation where I could get serious viruses from insects or actually get eaten by anacondas.

And yes, this is similar to how the Nazis treated people. So while the Nazis actually killed people—in terrible, unforgettable ways that humankind should never forgive—Discovery was really testing the bounds of gross negligence as it relates to Hollywood and the lives of everyday people, such as myself. It was and is experimenting on people, not just its participants, but everyday viewers around the world. They say “follow the money”—who is funding their programming? I wrote a lengthy research paper for college about Media Manipulation that touches on these points.

In contrast, last year, Janne posted a story to Instagram about going through a TSA checkpoint and compared it to Auschwitz. I did not actually see this story myself but there are several comments on a post to her timeline here. I found this via a separate discussion online, on Gomiblog. Here is a screenshot where people are talking about the story:

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.10.51 AM.png

Source: Instagram

*How did I miss this? This was in the middle of my attempted legal discussions with Janne, just weeks before she had Michael Jackson’s Estate’s prior attorney respond to my attorney with his ill-researched letter. She just had to use a Nazi analogy and accuse me of using one in the same very short period of time.

There are people related to Holocaust survivors calling her out for the inappropriate analogy. If writing about an experience involving permanent infamy while putting my life on the line in front of half of a billion households while naked and being psychologically manipulated is an inappropriate analogy to make towards Nazi experimentation, indeed, comparing one’s entitled air travel experience of going through a TSA checkpoint also is, by leaps and bounds.

So while I can see now that perhaps my article’s title may be insulting to relatives of Holocaust survivors—yes, I see that, I apologize (though actually no one has ever told me or even hinted that my article was insulting for its analogy, except my producer from Brazil)—I actually was talking about real social experiments on real people that really ruined their lives. I wasn’t talking about something as minor as Janne’s Holocaust analogy last year, of a simple TSA checkpoint in an airport. My article has been referred to many, many times by other people and publications and was written 18 months prior to the #MeToo movement. And though I have to speak up for myself in this case, I truly do believe that that article had an impact on the #MeToo movement. I have had many other Naked and Afraid participants thank me privately for speaking out—and most of those people were much quieter when they were offered a second chance on the show. I was alone in standing up for myself, and I will never regret doing so.

I dare say Janne and her attorney’s response letter to my attorney was full of hot air in many ways.

She Hasn’t Stopped, Despite Repeated Notifications to Stop

There is so much more. It’s actually exhausting. So I’m just going to point out a couple more examples. This is her business’s new logo, released January 2019. She deleted a comment where a member of the public said it looked like the WordPress logo:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 3.38.00 PM.png

Source: Instagram

Come on, now.

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.35.52 PM

Image: WordPress’s official copyrighted logo

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 4.33.54 PM

She Just Did It Again, After This Article Was Published

Update April 5, 2019: Janne just informed her followers about how honest she is about her life’s work and rips off yet another metaphor I used repeatedly last year, of being “a flashlight.” She does not want “people[‘]s experience to be swept under the rug.” (Ahem) Post below is from April 5, 2019. See post below that, which is the bottom segment of a post wherein I was actually calling out Janne for plagiarism last August of 2018. I was calling her out for acting inappropriately and likened some of her behaviors to those of a specific human trafficking ring that preys on women. She complained about that post, said she had a screenshot, yet continued to do this—and then later ripped it off in the midst of a rather large collection of photos showing herself stomping around off-trail and crushing the endangered poppy bloom in Southern California.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.31.02 PM.png

Source: Instagram @jannerobinson

My post via @honorabowen on Instagram August 13, 2018. It was posted with my copyrighted nude lotus woman drawing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.32.37 PM

My “About” page, which Janne has most definitely read, for obvious reasons:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 1.33.07 PM.png

I believe that Janne must have also seen my blog piece about that human trafficking ring because one of the poems she plagiarized was only available on WordPress during the time that she plagiarized it, due to my social media being temporarily deactivated for a few months. (I reactivated Instagram again in July to call out Janne and have since deactivated it again; and as a May 2020 edit, I also reactivated Facebook because of wanting to reach out to Boomers with politics). Either she must have seen the piece about the human traffickers, which was pinned to the front page of my blog, or she took a screenshot of the poem earlier. I point this out because her actions have seemed extremely malicious and devoid of empathy, not only due to content but timing as well.

In fact, I told her in a cease and desist letter that what she was doing actually put me at greater risk for a variety of reasons, pertaining to already being stalked by a human trafficking ring, and her response was to keep doing it.

If anyone wants to know why I’m so angry with her, that’s why, in a nutshell.

May 2020, Over a Year After This Article Was Published:  I think I’ve made my point. But guess what, there is more! 

That’s right, Janne hasn’t stopped! So let’s just throw out a few more examples, all of which have occurred in the last year, since this article was initially published.

So first, I’d like to point out that my website http://www.honorabowen.com had the line “I’ve always been a lone wolf, never a coyote” up on it for a couple of years. I initially used this line on Instagram, immediately after calling Janne out two years ago. It was posted with a photograph of myself doing Padangusthasana, or Toe Stand, from the Bikram Yoga series, both on Instagram and my website.

I came up with the analogy as deeply meaningful to me because I’ve been a loner for much of my life (thanks to women being fucking terrible to me as well as my introverted nature).

This 3-part poem of mine from October of 2018, entitled “Gaslit,” also includes a finishing line of “like a pack of coyotes preying on a lone wolf.” This was also a poem that I posted to Instagram in October of 2018. So when I wrote that poem, I also added the line of being a lone wolf and not a coyote, on my website. I came up with all of it together in October of 2018—the poem, which was its own post on Instagram, and the one-liner, which was its own post on Instagram.

So here is a screenshot from my website, using Wayback Machine. October 18 2018 screen grab:

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 12.42.00 AM

And here is the site zoomed out. I put the same photo that I’d used on Instagram on my site, with the words. You can see the image below that was also posted to Instagram with the one-liner.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 12.41.48 AM

Then in May of 2019, I added the line to my “About” page on WordPress.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.44.47 PM

Soon (less than a month) after I added the quote to my About page, Janne started referring to herself as a “lone wolf” in her writing. Now keep in mind that I have thoroughly researched all her content at this point, and had at that point, with an attorney and this was Janne’s brand-new choice to use this analogy of being a “lone wolf.” I took down my quotes and then she stopped after a couple of months. That’s not to say that she won’t call herself a lone wolf again—obviously, she will probably choose to do whatever she deems the most spiteful. I took down the quotes because honestly, we live in such a heated socio-political atmosphere right now, and shooters have been notoriously called “lone wolves,” which I just don’t want to be associated with.

And here is Janne, calling herself a “lone wolf” June 2019. Lol. No.

*It’s worth noting that this photo shoot that she did also included a series of photos imitating mine. This post itself imitates the photo I had on my website—the one accompanying the phrase of being a lone wolf. Same lighting, background, distance, framing, left shoulder bare. There were others from that shoot with her topless, holding a white lace shawl in various poses—just like the series of photos that I shared three years earlier, from whence my website photo came.

Mine were from a shoot I did for a friend, for free, to help her company out. The shawl, like most of my “nice” things, was not something bought. It was torn off of an antique wedding dress that I scored after helping a friend clean out her late mother’s house, in exchange for her husband fixing up a Jeep that I bought for $500 to live out of with a sibling. My friend gave it to me to try to pawn off, along with several other items, as her mom was a hoarder and collector of costumes from closed-down theatre companies. The dress was never pawned, but instead trashed after years of transience, hence why it was turned into a spontaneous prop. I have never bought new clothes for a social media post. Janne most obviously does.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 12.08.25 AM

Source: Instagram

Janne started appropriating the lone wolf line in June of 2019.

As soon as she appropriated that, I was like, “I’m outa here. You can take it and make it trendy, I don’t care. There are too many lone wolves out shooting down people in the streets right now, take it. Take the line.” Because really, I’m so used to it at this point. Janne just takes and takes and takes and takes and I just create create create create. The plus side is that I am creative, and I will continue to create and write down wonderful, steal-able lines. The downside is that in today’s world, con artists like Janne will continue to be ruthless thieves.

I took the quotes down off of my website as well as my WordPress “About” section soon after, on June 21st.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.40.59 PM

July 29, 2019, Janne writes, “I feel so many of us have become lone wolfs (sic)…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.19.33 PM

Source: Instagram

I had never seen any other female ever refer to herself as a lone wolf prior to my own doing (and by the way I am a big fan of the manga Lone Wolf and Cub, as well as its counterpart Shogun Assassin, so there is actual background to my usage of the analogy! My dog is also 18.5% undomesticated Timber Wolf, so I actually understand wolf behavior).

Now all I can think of is a bunch of teeny boppers head banging to Hanson’s “MMMBop,” except they’re now calling themselves Lone Wolves. I can’t really explain it. It’s the knowing that her naive, impressionable, and often very privileged followers look up to her and copy her the way middle schoolers do. “We’re all lone wolves you guys, let’s make a clique of lone wolves and prove how independent we are.” No actually, Janne and her ilk are the very embodiment of the pack of coyotes I was writing about.

And here is Janne again likening herself to a lone wolf. September 2019. “The loneliness inside me is like a wolf today.” OhmyfuckingGOD. No seriously, Janne is a walking cliché. Everything she touches (cough cough, steals/plagiarizes/appropriates) suffers a drawn-out and painful demise as all its meaning drains away in overused, monotonous, meaningless drivel.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.58.32 AM

Source: Instagram

Ugh speaking of clichés, Kahlil Gibran is probably rolling in his grave right now as Janne has recently started subtly plagiarizing him, too. She has repeatedly referenced The Prophet, not when she plagiarizes, but separately (you see, he is a man, like Bukowski, and therefore Janne seems to have no problem giving him credit as to inspiring her, which I guess makes the plagiarism a little less covert?).

And really, The Prophet is the book that novice Kahlil Gibran enthusiasts usually only know about. I know this as I was given Thoughts and Meditations as well as Mirrors of the Soul when I was about fourteen, so plagiarizing Kahlil Gibran isn’t quite as cool as she thinks it is. It’s just so cliché when seen through the eyes of someone who grew up reading his writings. But I guess ripping off Gibran is a minor step up from, “You are in the milk of my coffee, the road beneath my feet, the yellow of the flowers that hang gently in the sunlight.⁣” Cliché after cliché after cliché. 

I’m not going to go into all the details on how Janne has been ripping off Gibran right now; I just thought I’d stand up for the dead artist for a second, in case any other intellectually literate people out there have noticed.

And also, if you’re really that interested in Kahlil Gibran, you should actually learn more about his primary influence, William Blake, who was a phenomenal visionary artist and who also heavily influenced and was influenced by Mary Wollstonecraft and Thomas Paine. I recommend watching John Freed’s play, Love me, Fuseli. The play partly takes place at a real historical dinner party where Blake and his wife, Wollstonecraft, Paine, and the publisher of all three, Joseph Johnston, were mingling. Paine was warned that there was a warrant out for his arrest and escaped, and Johnston was arrested for publishing seditious writings right at the end of the actual dinner. The dialogue makes so many meaningful statements about feminism, freedom of speech, and poverty— statements that people like Janne could actually really benefit from learning about.


I make bets with certain family as well as the Art professor who helped me turn my Kiss My Butter logo (the one Janne copied) into an Adobe format for my lip balm labels. My Art professor friend, by the way, is well versed in intersectional feminism studies and thinks Janne is a piece of shit.

Like for instance, after I posted a sneak peak of my forthcoming memoir on WordPress. I only published a small part of my memoir—I actually wrote the whole thing and won’t publish it right now because I am legitimately afraid that Janne will plagiarize it. The section that I published is primarily about my experiences with bullying and sexual harassment in Colombia while on Naked and Afraid. I published this sneak peek on February 22, 2020.

I asked my Art professor friend, “Do you think Janne will end up posting something about Colombia? Like her crappy Blogger poem about Colombia?” In the past six years, she’s only posted that poem after I post about my experiences in Colombia, as I laid out above on this article.

Like clockwork, Janne actually did post something about Colombia. On February 26, 2020—that would be exactly four days after I posted the sneak peek to my memoir on WordPress. Janne has always misspelled it as “Columbia” like the clothing brand, until someone commented under this post and corrected her, which I have a screenshot of, but whatever. Janne fixed the spelling. Thank god, because I couldn’t take another year of her accidentally referencing outerwear.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 12.59.55 AM

Source: Instagram

So she basically repeats her old crappy “Everyone’s a Fucking Blogger” poem but without the poem itself. She’s just rambling about the commercialization of spirituality again, using all of the elements of the crappy blogger poem but paraphrasing. Literally THE ONLY time that Janne ever mentions Colombia is after I mention Colombia, because first of all she probably hasn’t ever been there, and second of all, I probably trigger her whenever I write something meaningful about my experiences pertaining to being on a popular television show—despite the fact that my experiences on the popular television show have caused me much grief.

And really, it’s like, what is she saying? Why does she have an obsession with bringing up pseudo-shamanic gurus in Colombia every time I mention Colombia? I’ve barely even ever referred to my own shamanism on any online format since my Kickstarter for my nonprofit, Reiki Herbal Company, which I was boosting when my initial Naked and Afraid episode aired, and I was advertising on Facebook—back in 2014. Even as a massage therapist and energy worker, I don’t go around talking about shamanism. As an herbalist, I don’t mention shamanism. It’s not something that I’ve cared to discuss too much with a public of often very aggressive strangers who don’t know me very well. But you know who actually seems like the type to slap shaman on a business card, is Janne. It just seems so projectionist to me, that I would trigger her to repeatedly bring up this old analogy just by talking about being in Colombia.

But I agree—it’s never a good idea to idolize anyone as a guru, especially someone who created a persona using the internet.

Okay, so here is another example. Ugh, this has already taken up way too much time. I keep screenshots in a folder actually, and have two friends who send me things when they see them because frankly I just am so over it and Janne is all-out harassing me, like to obscene levels. Like really, the fact that I actually have to worry about her ripping off my memoir is messed up.

In fact—she already has ripped off a piece of my memoir, and I will get to that below.

So I whipped up a quick mini-book about herbalism for the COVID-19 pandemic, you can download it for free. That was published on March 20, 2020. I have it available on WordPress as well as iBooks.

I posted this to Facebook as well. The book is called Tree Medicine for Our Human Family, and it is just over 50 pages. I actually submitted it to iBooks Author for publishing prior to March 20th, as iBooks Author needs to proof books before posting them.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 1.07.52 AM

Source: Facebook

Discovery mentions that I’m an herbalist. I’ve been a certified herbalist since 2006 and I have had products receive certifications from lab testing (on humans). I’m extremely passionate about herbalism and I have been since I was a wee little kid.

I have psoriasis, I’ve had it since age 3 or 4, and I have always been interested in plant medicines because I’ve had a horrible skin disease that is also an autoimmune disease and therefore I have had two choices: use dangerous steroid-based pharmaceuticals or figure it out on my own.


Source: Originally Instagram

This photo was taken in August of 2018 during a horrible flare-up (when Janne was refusing to cease and desist or respond to mediation). My skin is usually at its best in the summertime, due to the healing effects of sunlight, so this is proof of how stressed out I was. I posted this photo to Instagram along with a poem about feeling sabotaged by women.

I posted about psoriasis quite a few times over several years, and then posted this photo on Instagram in the summer of 2018. Shortly after it was posted on Instagram, Janne said that she recently came out with a random bout of psoriasis for the first time, and she’s continued to mention it. And I’m sorry but I don’t feel like digging through and finding it right now—but who cares. Autoimmune diseases and horrible skin diseases are for everyone. And I will stop thinking about The Craft. 

(I have to crack bad jokes throughout this article because laughter is really the best medicine, so I apologize. I actually made a soul promise to my healing arts teachers never to practice witchcraft.)

So I am an herbalist, and Janne on the other hand, was just recently bashing on herbalism in that February 26th post above, about Colombia. She said “I have a non resonance with plant medicine. That may change. It may not.⁣” Well of course it changed, less than a month later actually, when she captions a photo of her hugging trees ON MARCH 20TH, with “Tree Medicine.”

Just to let you know how ridiculous this is, I posted about my already-available book, Tree Medicine for Our Human Family on Facebook at 11:42 a.m. It was posted to WordPress at 10:52 a.m.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 1.15.40 AM

Source: Facebook

And Janne posted about “tree medicine” about five hours before midnight, Pacific Standard Time. So that was about eight hours after my first posting, and seven hours after my very last posting about the book. Tree medicine. Yes.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 11.59.12 PM

Source: Instagram

I’m just like, damn girl. Did you actually just drag your poor boyfriend out into the snow to take photos of yourselves hugging a tree just so you could covertly plagiarize the term “tree medicine” on your Instagram feed???

Because it sure looks like you did. And by the way, my boyfriend and I hug trees too, we just don’t take photos of the act and post it up on Instagram. Nor do we take photos of ourselves doing truly meaningful and grounding acts in nature so we can post them up on Instagram while covertly plagiarizing other people. But I guess that’s only what authentic life coaches do.

And then three weeks later, she also announced that she was coming out with a class that she was calling “Your truth is your medicine.”


She says she started filming it a month earlier, which means right around tree medicine day, possibly prior. I don’t know if she already decided on her title or not. I also don’t trust any timelines that she gives, and I don’t really care.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 1.32.39 AM

Source: Instagram

It actually pains me a little to point out the “Tree Medicine” rip-off, because the book that I created was for the purpose of sharing healing recipes with people. But again, this comes down to continuous ripping off of my words, creations, and ideas, without credit, and due to the ongoing nature of this issue, I wanted to point it out.

It also is an excellent example of how rapidly Janne rips me off, which is exactly why Express Reverse Passing Off is a violent and damaging form of business fraud. It happens so quickly that one actually has to be present within a 24-hour period to screenshot the exact time that it occurred, otherwise it can only be documented as a day/month/year format, as opposed to along with some kind of time signature (00:00:00). And when she copies my work on the same day, no one can tell who posted first. When strangers glance at either of our art, the immediate thought would be that the person with the larger social media following obviously must have come up with the work first—most companies that successfully pull off Express Reverse Passing Off are larger than the companies they prey on, and this is well documented on Google Scholar if you look up court documents about the topic. I actually have wondered if she has done this intentionally as a way of trying to frame me as copying her, which again is why it is important that I document this as thoroughly as possible and show it to other people as it continues.

9/20/20 Here is Another Example:

So it needs to be said: Janne does not only plagiarize, she plagiarizes and then stalks and goes back and reposts writings based on what I post, as if my posts are some kind of writing/posting prompt for her.

See this example, which involves her both plagiarizing me and then going back and using a prompt that I wrote of “extinction” as a signal to later repost the poem that she initially plagiarized off of me.

So I mentioned earlier that I have a pen name. I was posting heavily on Instagram with that name for a while, because I’d published 5 books with it. And as you can see, I was selling “impeach” goods and some other items at one point. I still have the account although I don’t do anything with it. And the reason why I’m not just saying what the username is on here is because I’m happy with being lesser known and getting real reviews. If the public knew what this pen name was, I would be bombarded with trolls who take reality TV way too seriously.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.30.44 PM

Source: My Nom de Plume’s Instagram

Janne didn’t know about that account or pen name, and the reason why she does is probably my fault entirely. But she had released a t-shirt bashing on vegans (I’m not even a vegan, I just think she’s being terrible for bashing on vegans with what is going on, and she does it all the time)! Animal agriculture contributes to a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions. Janne has been bashing on vegans for years and she does so on a regular schedule, with no purpose other than to rile her followers up and vilify people who are trying to make a difference and prevent catastrophic climate change.

So I wrote a poem for a series I was participating in, and put the hashtags of #thisisforthewomen and #fuckyourtshirt. Now, knowing full well that she’d see this because she DOES look at all mentions of herself, I made this a scrolling/multi-part post, and included the poem in the following pictures, just to put an absolute time stamp on them, so that they would provably not be edited.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.31.05 PM

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.31.10 PM

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.31.15 PM

Source: My Nom de Plume’s Instagram

And of course, Janne saw the tags of #thisisforthewomen and #fuckyourtshirt and got straight to plagiarizing not only this poem, but many posts on that pen name’s Instagram as well. Because it’s photos of me, and obviously she recognized them. I write a book about the female orgasm? She’s thinking about teaching a course on the female orgasm. I write a poem about honey bees? She writes a poem about honey bees. And so on.

Here is her version of the poem above:

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.49.48 PM

Source: Instagram

She turned it into a spoken word as well. But here’s the kicker. She also holds on to this poem and posts it when I mention extinction. Like for instance, 5 days ago (5 days prior to September 21, 2020, when this little section is being added to this very long blog post), I posted a picture on Facebook with my verified Honora Bowen account: “Serious Question: How are you going to keep watching reality TV if we all go extinct from refusing to adapt to green energy systems?” I ask.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.29.54 PM

Source: Facebook

Cue some really cheesy musical introduction to Janne reposting a video of herself doing a spoken word of the poem she plagiarized months/years earlier. She posts this the next day.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.28.10 PM

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.28.30 PM

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.28.41 PM

Source: Instagram

Like, maybe we should all go extinct because of assholes like Janne? I’m just thinking out loud.

I mean yeah, the planet is screaming, I say. Lots of capitalizations and all that. We’re super wasteful and screwing over our children’s children/ also known as grandchildren. Janne totally ripped it off. And proceeded to rip off a whole lot of other material from that account as well. It’s currently private—I had to change the business status to personal and was like, fuck it. Fuck this person once again. She just takes and takes and takes and it feels….like rape. It feels like rape.

She’s been going out of her way to condemn actual planet guardians with ad hominem attacks, and then when I wrote a poem as a social criticism of that, of her stupid t-shirt, she PLAGIARIZED it, pretending that she now actually cares about climate change—does anyone see how insane this is?

Prior to finally saying “fuck it” and setting the profile to private, Janne ripped off a piece of my memoir from my Nom de Plume’s Instagram. I’d published this a couple weeks before the example above, but as I said, Janne was starting to plagiarize that account as well, and it was all public to scroll through.

I published a poem in January of 2019, after first emailing it to myself in October of 2018 (I literally have to do this with EVERYTHING because of her), and she ripped it off a few months later in a post that was sponsored by another company.

It’s not a plagiarism of the entire thing, it’s that she ripped off my analogy of “rocket ship to hell.” She changed it to “rollercoaster to hell.”

Source: My Nom de Plume’s Instagram (January 2019)

See the email to myself below, October 2018.

Source: My private emails

And you can see the entire poem here, in my sneak peek to my memoir published more recently.

Here is Janne’s rip-off of the analogy, which came just a few months after I posted mine to my pen name’s Instagram:

Source: Instagram

It really is endless.

Just recently, Janne got called out by Indigenous women for misappropriating their culture by posing repeatedly in front of a fake totem pole, and wearing a Hudson Bay blanket. In the blanket photo, she was talking about saving bees. That hits home to me, because the artwork that she copied—the lotus woman—was for a company that was dedicated to donating money to and raising awareness to bee colony collapse disorder, and she had no problem stealing that.

janne shit 7

Source: Instagram

Now, the Hudson Bay blankets spread smallpox around Indigenous people’s communities and decimated their populations. Jack Weatherford discusses some of the vile appropriation tactics of the Hudson Bay Company in his book, Indian Givers—it was the first trading post of English colonists in the Americas, and it used capitalism for the gain of white people and at the expense of Indigenous peoples.

janne shit 4

Source: Instagram

janne shit 5

Source: Instagram

Censorship much? I don’t think Janne understands what it’s like to actually be trolled, by trolls. I, too, have to deal with blocking people—but I generally am blocking crazed reality show fans who come onto my page and scream at me out of the blue, with lines like “Ugh! You’re a disgusting human! You deserve to die!” I mean, really ugly stuff—I have every insult under the sun on auto-block and then there are always more. It’s usually hateful comments from women, or misogynistic comments from men.

Janne is censoring people who sound like the sweetest, most well-meaning kinds of people. I mean, really soft spoken, well spoken, loving people, offering the softest, most padded kinds of comments, trying to point out why these photos are harmful.

janne shit 2

janne shit 3

Source: Instagram

So there were a ton of people trying to educate Janne on Instagram about why these photos were concerning (much like when she bashes on vegans, or when she joined thousands of other influencers in trampling endangered poppy blooms in the past). She responded by not listening, not apologizing, not removing any photos. There was an analogy given that keeping the photos up to “make a point” was akin to leaving Christopher Columbus statues up. Janne said that she was keeping the photos up because that’s her “teaching” style.

And finally, someone pointed this out:

janne shit copy

Source: Instagram

So it’s not that people don’t see what is happening here—I had a big influx of visitors to my page in a 24-hour period, reading this article, and many were sharing the link to Janne’s Instagram.

When pressed about deleting comments linking to this blog, Janne dismisses this issue as a failed attempt at suing her, when the reality is that I never filed a lawsuit. I was asking for mediation, which she clearly avoided, which led me to post it on here—because she made it absolutely clear that she can and will dump more money into denying and defending this than is worth my time and energy. And she has been aware that I am not wealthy enough to pursue litigation for IP, even with a pro bono, if she can prolong the case for enough time (which she most obviously would). The lotus girl ripoff literally was announced as a plan in the works within days of me discussing another time in my life when I needed to defend my registered intellectual property and was too poor to afford to. It’s really quite insulting.

It’s that Janne removes criticism and refuses to take accountability. One might argue that in the case of the Hudson Bay blanket and fake totem poles, it’s a brief mistake—but then her version of accountability is pure gaslighting and NOT taking accountability.

And what of this situation, here, regarding her continuous, insidious, and relentless theft of my works?

I logically cannot apply the “honest mistake” answer to this situation, to what she has done and has not stopped doing, and has never apologized for.

BY THE WAY—all Janne’s semi-recent interest in continuously discussing the raping and pillaging of Indigenous cultures also came pouring out right after I put a series of posts on my Facebook and WordPress, prior to the recent Black Lives Matter movement. I was discussing authors like Jack Weatherford and his book Indian Givers, which describes all the horrible ways white settlers stole from Indigenous tribes. And I posted an old recipe for pine needle tea (Cortés got this recipe from Indigenous people to fend off scurvy), and then wrote my mini book on herbalism for the pandemic. Once again, I study this shit in school, find it extra interesting because I’ve been a certified herbalist and wildcrafter since 2006, and then I apply these new learnings to other forms of communications. And she just rips it off from me and bolsters her fake awareness with whatever information (or misinformation) she can gather online while forming assets for Instagram.

And it’s literally just a continuation of this over and over. And while I get a nonstop stream of online hate and slander from being an outspoken woman on a misogynistic and sadistically edited reality show from 6 years ago—6 years ago!—she knows she can keep stealing from me while getting praised for being “genuine.” And she can do this while being exponentially more insulting, in a real-time, self-edited format. She chooses how to present herself, she crafted her brand with her own hands (it wasn’t manipulated by some psychopaths in an editing room trying to mess with her), and she does this regularly, all the time, and still gets praised and richer by the day.

Needless to say, on a good day, it gives me pains in my chest, on a bad day, it makes me want to scream—because it’s based in theft, relentless theft.

Interestingly enough, Janne also tried to pull an excuse that her “team” predetermines her posts ahead of time. Now, as someone who is familiar with scheduled posts as well, as well as systems such as Hootesuite and Buffer and all that jazz, this is something that is possible. BUT—I would also like to point something out, because this really seems to be a rapid PR face saving stunt and not actually true (did I mention that I have a B.A. in Communications and have actually studied things like PR, ethics, strategic social media, and a long list of related courses at a top-notch University?)

So firstly, this comment was deleted, it mentions Janne having a white savior complex:

Source: Instagram

And THEN, after all of this occurred, in the midst of it, and while Janne was on a nonstop deleting frenzy, she posted this:

Source: Instagram

Notice that she’s now bypassing, even though she says she isn’t, and actually appropriating the person who accused her of appropriating and mentioned white savior complexes, by appropriating the savior analogy?

And many people have been like WHAT THE FUCK. You know? Tone Deaf.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Janne/ her team have the time to go around deleting comments—tons of them, at that—but can’t bother to interject on this new post of extremely poor taste, which happens to be repeating what a comment that she/they deleted said?

I’m not buying it.

As someone pointed out, it’s literally Janne’s job/ the jobs of her team, whoever she wants to pass the blame to, to post and curate and maintain her fucking Instagram account. And that being said, Janne also constantly posts live video as well as current/same-day media—constantly, as is blatantly apparent in the timeline that I’ve shown above, and if you look through a handful of her posts and see how she responds to previous posts, or tags that other people used to call her out, etc.

Honestly, I think she is going around telling everyone that it’s all her team’s fault because so many people called her out and mentioned this very blog post in the last couple days. That’s what I think is happening. And if not, the fact that she left this post up is, frankly, appalling either way.

It’s also worth noting that Janne first started really emphasizing the idea that her posts pass through many hands in the midst of being accused of plagiarism. Even so, as recently as perhaps July or August of 2020, she was talking about how she was going to be letting a “team” take over her account. Again, it’s not really true, because she uses her account as well.

(end September 2020 edit section)

Alright, so here is another example. I mentioned being cyberbullied by women a couple of times on Facebook in the past month. By the way—I know I mentioned that misogynists hate me (“women are too confident”/ I am a call to arms, apparently). This warrants an entirely different discussion, but the biggest enablers of systematic misogyny are actually women who treat other women poorly. 100%. My life has been incredibly difficult because of a lack of support and nonstop sabotage by jealous women more than due to male misogynists. This is due to what psychologists have coined as “indirect relational aggression,” and I have experienced it from so many women in my life, including my own mother. It’s an “intrasexual competition strategy” that attempts to ostracize, and it has led to me actually being totally on my own in circumstances where I should have had someone lend me a helping hand; it’s also led me to have to depend on men for help and then having to deal with sexual harassment, which I have zero tolerance for, and then I end up moving into a car or something. It sucks.

So I was discussing cyberbullying, the majority of which has come from women. Janne gets a gold medal in this area. I have a currently pinned post from April 19th that says:

“You could never imagine what I’m talking about when I say that I’ve been targeted by bullies. In the last 6 years, I have had:

—Friend after friend tell me that when they look me up online, the language about me is consistently dehumanizing.
—Friend after friend watch Naked and Afraid for the first time, still to this day, and either tell me how confused they are about the person they know or knew, and the vilified character in the storyline that was shown, or to lash out at me, or both. It seems that the people from my past with substance abuse problems are the most aggressive.
—Fake accounts pretending to be me or people who know me.
—Nearly every abuser from my past use the cyberbullying as an excuse to further bully me.
—People disrespect me continuously, nonstop, apart from very specific professional circumstances.
—Multiple people attempt to sabotage my businesses’ intellectual property in a way that was meant to sabotage me, including one who serially infringed on my IP for multiple years, beginning with as soon as I was on TV. Both of those people did so in order to boost their own businesses and online personas.
—A human trafficking ring, which I tried to expose prior to going on Discovery, get a free-pass to participate in bullying while also making threats on my life.”

And there was this post on April 29th that said:

…My therapist has told me that that kind of behavior in others is a result of insecurities and has recommended blocking people like that, but I’m pretty sure Facebook does not actually have a way to turn off commenting entirely or prevent blocked accounts from continuing to leave passive aggressive emoji graffiti. Likewise, when I told her two years ago that there was an account serially plagiarizing my Instagram, she said “Have you BLOCKED her?” And I had to point out that that’s kind of impossible in a way, because of the way the internet works.”

And then, and this is absolutely amazing, on May 6th, Janne told her followers an entirely new story about the “woman who wanted to sue her.” This time it’s on a post advertising a livestream with her relatively new and esteemed mentor, who she has somehow duped into being associated with her. I get it, I do, because she’s a really adept con artist, and she has connections to people who either don’t care that she’s a con artist or haven’t bothered to actually look into it.

Remember earlier in this article, how her sob story was that she was traveling on a book tour (she wasn’t). Well now, Janne says that she was off traveling in Greece. Four days ago, Janne said,

I was visiting my father in Greece and had suffered a concussion right before my birthday.⁣
At the time I desired to liquidate my apparel brand–that had gone from making 10k a month to draining me financially and energetically but I had resistance to evolve. Fear around what would be next. I felt trapped and stuck. My adrenals were crashed. I was exhausted.⁣
@suzybatiz had introduced me to Gay’s work when a woman was trying to sue me and I was being hit with negativity from the press on an article I wrote–she said, “Seems like you have an upper limit problem, read this.”⁣

AH! I see, Janne has a time traveling machine. Because she was actually continuing to pawn off the ring that deliberately infringed on my copyrighted art back when I was threatening to sue her. No, she wasn’t traveling in Greece and no, she wasn’t liquidating her business either. Funny how she can just keep making shit up and no one catches on, huh? It’s actually insane. In fact, she was coming out with many more items, for… [checks notes] years.

Yes in fact she announced her liquidation sale on January 15th, 2020, a full year and a half after I was threatening to sue her.

What I got out of this post, as it was directed toward me/ partly about me, was that she can just snap her fingers and convince her followers, through flat-out lies, that there was a direct connection between the woman who wanted to sue her and her divine manifestation abilities and, by association, her wisdom/intelligence/life coaching abilities, to convince this person to mentor her. It’s just so nauseating because as a healer and someone who also has put a lot of time and care into therapy and bettering my life, I also know who her mentor is. And Janne has openly stated repeatedly that she wishes she could go on Oprah, and because her mentor has gone on Oprah, it’s like this socialite-association complex where now she’s just one person removed from being Oprah-worthy. Puke.

Funny, huh? Her followers don’t seem to care or notice. They think she is so authentic and they just eat up every god damned thing that she says, no matter how contradictory it is. Maybe Janne just assumes all humans’ attention spans are completely shot? Maybe she doesn’t understand how time works? Or how reality works? I guess her team and business partners also don’t care. It’s mind boggling.

So let’s actually go over the timeline again. Janne was receiving the aforementioned “negativity from the press on an article” she wrote in April of 2018. (See negative press articles here and here and here). She came out with the infringing artwork in July of 2018. I sent her several cease and desist notifications between July and August of 2018. Then she went on a traveling book party in September of 2018, in the states and Canada. Then she went to Greece in…[checks notes, scrolls through IG…this sucks so much and it’s a really valuable thing to have a photographic memory, but yeah this is annoying…ah fuck it, I just Googled “Janne Robinson Greece father” and found it via a Facebook image] June of 2019. She went to Greece in June of 2019. So that was almost an entire year after I was “threatening to sue her”—for willfully infringing on my registered copyright, after I called her out for serial plagiarism and firmly stated that I would take legal action several months prior if she kept doing it. Like, she did it entirely on purpose. So she really needs to shut the f*ck up.

And literally no one will ever bother to scroll through thousands of posts to check if what she says is true or not, because there are literally way too many posts for anyone who isn’t acutely aware of personally being serially plagiarized to give a shit. Unless she is just trying to lump in a random sob story about the woman who threatened to sue her with her random trip to Greece and isn’t actually directly implying that I was threatening to sue her at the same time that she was receiving negative press and trying to liquidate, it just seems like she keeps trying to throw in these inaccurate stories about me with her rich-girl stressors, like traveling book parties, and traveling to Greece. And I mean, I don’t give a shit about her concussion. She was plagiarizing me back in the winter and spring of 2018 when I broke my spine and was in a body cast after tomahawking on my snowboard in the woods.

cddd031fd85d05fba48353fbbed134a6 copy

Source: Originally Instagram

No like, really. Fuck her.

And let’s actually clarify this, I was requesting mediation through the CA Lawyers for the Arts and I was demanding that Janne cease and desist. Janne is the one who couldn’t swallow her pride or conjure up an iota of integrity by a) having a professional mediated discussion about it or b) just fucking stopping. And like I said, I could have either spent a couple years driving ungodly amounts of miles to a federal court and spending tens of thousands of dollars or more on a lawsuit, where I’d get to sit in a room with a full-blown narcissist and her attorney enablers, or I could just put it all up on the internet.

If I were to go to court, I would seriously need all the proceedings to be livestreamed because I would want the world to hear and witness the toxicity of Janne’s arguments and her grandiose narcissism regarding this issue. You would not believe how straight-up misogynistic her attorney was to me, and how completely different Janne is to people who don’t give her something she wants, or who challenge her by calling her out. It’s really too bad.

As I mentioned earlier, all I really wanted (and still would appreciate!) is for her to stop and issue an apology. But instead she just keeps inventing new stories about the mysterious lawsuit person and the timeline in which it happened while continuing to rip me off. She won’t ever discuss what actually happened because she knows it would look bad. Because it is bad. It’s wrong.

In fact, if Janne wasn’t operating under the bullshit label of a “life coach,” and actually went to college to get an actual professional degree in coaching people, this kind of behavior would most likely get her license revoked.

And frankly, as a whistleblower, I know this much—and this is good advice for anyone who really needs to blow a whistle: you put it all out there. You put it all out there because you want any attorney or judge with two braincells who comes across your words to immediately know that you’re right—because capitalistic predators like Janne would definitely sue someone if they were making this up, and obviously I am not. You might keep a few things put aside just in case, but you put enough up on the internet so that you make your case. And I believe I have.

Hey, you know what’s better than a flashlight? (Hint: You can find it almost anywhere, it can start fires, purify water, and enhance a person’s ability to see things on a closer level)…BOOM.

8b8851f796c66282da094d7e1fb806b9 copy.jpg

Source: Discovery Channel

*All images used for the purpose of criticism and public comment pursuant to

17 U.S.C. § 107

Have you been the victim of harassment, perspecticide or gaslighting? Has it been from an Instagram life coach? If you haven’t, you haven’t lived yet.

3 thoughts on “Over Half a Decade of Being Plagiarized by Another Writer: The Janne Robinson Timeline

  1. anonyme253

    Sorry to hear this. It is very tough… On the one hand as people who write, create content, think, etc, you are drawn to publishing posts, sharing ideas, etc but on the other hand, there are people who rip you off. Not only is that freaky, but it can burn you to feel like you are feeding them and their self-publication machines when what they have not earned by experience or research, so it seems inauthentic and exploitative.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. anonyme253

    Why do people find it so hard to acknowledge these things are taking place and at least investigate in a diligent manner? They leave many people to suffer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most people are too comfortable with what is directly in front of them. They would rather not consider that they have been lied to, because to do so contradicts the realities that they create around false truths. It’s too much for most people’s brains to comprehend, so they turn away.

      Every person who I’ve spoken to who has seen this article understands what Janne has done. The real issue is that she has surrounded herself with people who enable her—those enablers either know what she has done and don’t care, or they refuse to read this article.

      It is the stereotypical conundrum with calling out a narcissist. You can call them out, but they are always ahead in that they’ve always laid out their false narratives before you have, and so for you to gain the trust of the public depends on breaking through the veil of cognitive dissonance.

      Hence why the only real way to get justice is to sue. Janne continued the infringement knowing that I said I couldn’t generally afford 5 to 6 figures to sue. In this case it would likely be a lot, even with my pro bono attorney. The cost of depositions, expert witnesses, travel for myself and my attorney, and filing fees adds up quickly. And Janne has $.

      So this is the best that I can do. I am okay with saying my piece. It’s really between her and her maker at this point.

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