An Open Letter To The Rest of The World, From America

If you are reading this, there is a 50% chance you reside in America and a 50% chance that you reside in any of the other countries on the planet. I am writing this for the latter half of my blog site traffic.

We Americans do not like our president. I have never spoken to a person who wanted a wall or even thought that border security was an issue here. Americans are increasingly terrified of what has happened to our country.

Most Americans believe Trump conspired with Putin. And now it seems that the two are deciding the entire world’s fate (one of inevitable crisis and looming death as a result of rapidly increasing climate change) so they can keep drilling oil. This is insane. This is criminally insane. One of the first orders Trump made when he became president was to pull federal funding from any scientist who used the phrase “global warming” or “climate change” in their studies. Several scientists are quoted as saying, “You should be VERY CONCERNED.”


If you are reading this, please know that the vast majority of Americans are scared of Donald Trump and what has happened to our democracy. We are not our president. He is not our president.

Please spread the word. Spread it far and wide. Tell your friends and family. America needs help.


Thank you.


Love and Light,



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Rest of The World, From America

  1. Indeed, our state of the union is in peril, but the fact that our government isn’t taking a stand on climate change led by a simple-minded man in control “Donald Trump” is seismic. Importantly, we must not forget the spineless Senate Republicans who are afraid to oppose the president on anything. So there you have it.
    The best weapon we have in our arsenal is the right to vote so in 2020 we have to get out and vote the party “Democrat! up and down the ticket” in the presidential election regardless of our favorite nominee this is a way to turn things around in my view.

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    1. Exactly. I 100% agree with these sentiments. Everyone needs to get out and vote. They need to put down their differences and vote every single person ignoring global warming out of office. The UN climate report from last week (newest one) is calling this an all hands on deck crisis.


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