Importance of Words (and Explosive Verbal Diarrhea)


Have you seen the new government-issued climate change report? IT’S RIGHT HERE

Sometimes people put blinders on when they don’t want to believe something because it’s too hard to grasp, frightening, intimidating, etc. It’s pretty bizarre to be living in the current world of human activities and be told that we are heading towards certain doom if we don’t change what we are doing NOW.

What is easier is to be given hope. We CAN change the current path we are on.

The number one leading cause of global warming today is animal agriculture. If every person who ate meat cut their meat and dairy intake in half, we would be living in an entirely different world.

It’s mostly the output of various greenhouse gases from the processes of mass animal agriculture that is contributing to global warming. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and methane are the three main contributing greenhouse gases, and they are being released in explosive amounts into the atmosphere. Think of it like, humans have explosive diarrhea, but it’s the result of eating animal products. Gross, huh? Not caring about what we are doing to the planet is like not caring that humans are explosively shitting into the atmosphere at an alarming rate. It’s like we’re walking around with poopy butts, being poopy heads about it, pretending it’s no big deal, etc, etc, etc.

When we say things like “it doesn’t matter,” we are shutting down our ears from hearing what we need to hear. We also plant seeds of ignorance for other people to sow when we speak without knowledge of the facts. Scientific facts. We can ignore the truth, but we cannot make it go away.

We’ve all battled outdated beliefs at some point or another. What do we do? Well, we can vigorously defend our fallacies or take a deep breath and practice loving ourselves enough to realize we were wrong, accept it, learn from it, and move past it.

When we say things like we could use “a little bit of that good old global warming” because somewhere on the planet is having a cold snap, we are deliberately misinterpreting the MAJOR difference between weather and climate (ahem, TRUMP: that was his quote). Trump has a major verbal diarrhea problem. He said this in the wake of California’s DEADLIEST FOREST FIRE EVER, the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA that torched nearly 90 people to death.

Don’t be like Trump. He’s in his seventies and doesn’t care about the climate’s future because he knows he will be dead or catapulted cryogenically into the future like Dr. Evil. Quit shitting all over future generations’ futures. Seriously.

Please think about this, and please consider eating a little less animal product this new year. Every little bit helps, and we are all in this together.

Happy Last Month of 2018,



3 thoughts on “Importance of Words (and Explosive Verbal Diarrhea)

  1. I wanted you to know how I appreciate your clearly written and thought-provoking article on climate change. Indeed climate change will negatively affect all humanities if we don’t take a stand on changing the way we live our lives on this planet. While much has been written on this topic your article expresses both the positive and negative aspects of this serious global problem without taking an emotional stance on either side of the issue. To this day I enjoy a good elk burger from time to time and have decreased my consumption of meat immeasurably.


    1. Thank you Jeffrey. Thank you for being aware of what you consume and making conscious, positive efforts.

      It’s all about balance, right? I also still consume a tiny bit of animal products, but am constantly trying to decrease that amount. I try to think of it as aiming to eat what I personally could obtain in the wild, which as far as animal products go, isn’t really a lot. I don’t like killing animals at all. Having to try to in the past really broke my heart.

      Happy Holidays.


  2. Hi Honora,
    I’ve admired your forthrightness and courage speaking out about N&A. And now especially that I see you speaking out about our individually excessive consumption, climate crisis & the pending collapse of civilization, and potentially the world as we know it.
    I hope that you can also see and will mention in your writings that the excess consumption is driven by our worldwide economic system which creates demand via marketing because money-makers command a paradigm of everlasting growth.
    While individual choices may be virtuous, they will be nowhere near enough to change the destructive path we are on. There has to be a collective expression and movement to drop capitalist forms and its underlying beliefs.
    That’s is why at some level N&A is instructive in that those who learn to get along with each other and do not try to establish a domain over nature do better. Although I do get that the producers actually decide what gets highlighted, in the same manner that mainstream media decides what ‘news’ we get to digest. So your efforts to lay out a different narrative on your N&A episodes really made a difference which made people question what they thought they had witnessed.
    Thanks for putting yourself out there and being bold. The world needs you.

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