a final word

Have you ever had someone tell you something that they believed would come to pass, and then have it actually happen? Or have something happen, and then have a stranger from the other side of the planet pick up on it? I have. I have had quite a few of these kinds of experiences.

I want to share part of one of these experiences, and then I will probably just step away for a bit. I have contemplated the pros and cons of sharing this with the public. For the most part, some experiences are just too sacred or special to share with strangers. Is this one of those kinds of experiences? Perhaps. In talking about it, I can already tell you what will happen: Reddit trolls will laugh at me, someone who writes for an online tabloid will call me crazy, and one or two other people will actually repeat my very personal story and appropriate it (which is laughable and predictable, and I have ceased caring). So many of those tabloids and trolls are employed by Discovery or its affiliates. Only six corporations run most of the world’s mass media. I gain absolutely nothing from sharing this, but more criticism. But, here I go anyways, with nothing to gain but a desire to be understood, and to share this with you:

I received a solar return reading when I turned twenty-one, while I was attending my healing arts school. I asked our herbology teacher for the reading. I fully believe she is psychic, though she never claimed to be.

Ok, so what I am going to say here, you probably will not believe. Just understand that I have no desire to give people more ammo to accuse me with. By “ammo,” I mean, I open my mouth or put a word on my blog, and someone will purposefully misinterpret it. There will always be some Machiavellian keyboard warrior out there waiting to rephrase my intentions. Fuck them. I could wrap what I am about to say in about three more equally unbelievable but true stories that all fit together in a way, but I am only going to share one part. Maybe I will write a book one day and share everything, but I want to keep this short for now.

What my teacher told me was that, with my impending move further west, I would “help a lot of people with the written word.” When I asked her what that meant, totally confused, she looked at me and said “it has something to do with NAA?”

(LOL, See, I told you, you probably would not believe me).

I asked her what was “NAA,” and she was like, “I thought you would know.” All I could think of was n/a, ie “not applicable.” I just remember being confused. This was back in 2006.

So fast forward for a second. I was first aware of Naked and Afraid (which has become dubbed by contestants and staff as “NAA”) in 2014, and the show itself came about in 2013, I believe.

Crazy, huh?

My point here is, I think that everything that happened with me on the show, and this blog, all of it, were all kind of meant to be. This is one huge reason why I have maintained my sense of righteousness in my situation. I have always been honest and open about what happened, with the exception of the brief period of time in 2014 when I was getting threatened and manipulated into being quiet. Should have events unfolded in any other way, there may have been nothing to write about. Why would someone call out the media if the media’s lies benefited them? And though of course some may refer to this as self-fulfilling, please realize that it has been a very heartbreaking ride for me. It once occurred to me that perhaps by “written word,” my teacher was somehow mistaken and “written word” could have meant television. But, no. She was completely literal and 100% correct, and my life unfolded in a way that was largely out of my hands, and my only recourse has been the written word. She was completely accurate.

I do not care about fame, fortune, power, popularity, any of it. I have always taken opportunities as they arose and done the best I could with very little resources. Most of all, I genuinely care about helping people. And, if a hundred people read about what happened, start understanding how the media can be manipulated, and start talking with other people, I am happy.

There is a hypothesised phenomenon called “The Hundredth Monkey Effect.” This is what I care about. I am willing to put myself out there and be called a thousand names by a million people, hundreds of millions of people, if a hundred people read and understand and take the truth with them back out into the world. This is my heart and soul speaking.

So, I hope that this makes sense to one of you today. I get people from 170+ countries reading my blog, which pretty much adds up to about how wide Discovery’s reach is. So as I have said before, in order to make a positive difference in the world, I have had an uphill battle and had to contend with a lot of trolls and hate. It is a challenge, and one that I probably signed up for, but I can not say it has gotten any easier.

Please realize too, that the producers know that I was conscious in Brazil, but they will NEVER, EVER admit it because they make a fortune from those episodes. They knew I was telling the truth as soon as I came out and said what happened in detail, because they have all the footage and they know I am right. No one secretly told me what everyone was talking about during the extraction, no one showed it on TV; I was awake and heard it all, loud and clear. If you read anything about the producers “not believing me,” just know, they do. They do believe me, that is why they left me alone instead of threatening me again. It seems that people I talk to in real life usually have no problem understanding that reality TV is a hoax, but for some reason most people online do not seem to understand this. Discovery was and is manipulative and exploitive on so many levels, it goes far beyond gross negligence. They make money off of their dishonesty, they make money off of exploiting people (please read about Cody Lundin from Discovery’s “Dual Survival,” if you have not yet:  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/judge-rules-reality-stars-contract-doesnt-bar-defamation-suit-discovery-1093318

I have had several other NAA contestants thank me for speaking out. I speak out for everyone, not just myself, but for you.

You need to realize what the media does to people. This is not just about reality TV: it is about war, climate change, everything. Nothing could possibly be more relevant to life today than the methods that the powers that be use to keep people in an unaware state of complacency.

You may leave this post with a sense of understanding, and I hope you do.

But I dare say, if you have the energy and will to go out of your way to discredit me like it is your job, you may very well be working with the dark side.


Which side are you on?

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