Oh Goddess, Trump is so afraid of you.

I think it’s fascinating that within 48 hours of the Women’s March on Washington, Trump has signed an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule on abortion. More than three times the amount of attendees showed up to the Women’s March at the National Mall, as were there the day before in support of Trump’s presidential inauguration. What more could a man who disrespects women do in retaliation of this sequence of ego-bruising events?

But that was predictable. What really baffles me is how many women are protesting the protest, putting down the point of the march or the intent behind it, and labeling the 5 million marchers—the most any group has shown up in solidarity in the history of peaceful U.S. protests—as anything but strong. As someone so succinctly put, these women should be THANKING all their female predecessors throughout history who have put their lives and bodies on the line to fight for their basic human rights and equalities. For if any woman feels too privileged to stand up in solidarity of women’s rights (or any of the other major themes in this march: global warming, LGBTQ rights, disabled people’s rights, poor people’s rights, veteran’s rights, etc…), I would hope that they would be aware of why they have these privileges now, in the year 2017. And I would hope that they would have compassion for all the millions—no, billions—of other women who have less than they have. And I would hope, more than anything, that they would give those women who are suffering, those women who are less privileged than they, a platform, a voice with which to change their realities.

And this really applies to fucking everyone, myself included. We need to accept others’ differences, and sometimes that is hard. Sometimes that irks our egos or shakes our realities. But neither I nor you, nor anyone else has to or should accept the differences that embody literal tyranny and division. For instance, we should accept that people have different sexual identities. That does not hurt anyone. That does not affect anyone but that single person. But we should not accept those who want to impose their religious beliefs on people to suppress their differences. I do not accept nor do I support a president who threatens to revoke basic female rights to reproductive choice, for whatever reason he is doing it. The Global Gag Rule will similarly revoke any financial support to organizations that practice abortion in other nations.

My reason for believing in a woman’s right to choose is simple. It is more humane to ensure that every human being has a decent life, complete with food and shelter, than to force humans to create more humans with no means to care for those new humans and/or themselves in the process.

Fuck. I mean, my best childhood friend was adopted from Brazil as an infant. Who knows what kind of life she was rescued from, but Brazil has one of the worst human trafficking problems in the world. Instead, she got to live a decent life in America and continues to do incredibly well for herself.

If you are against abortion, are you for adoption? I mean, have you EVER in your life even donated money to any homeless cause or children’s rights cause? Do you actually care? Or are you trying to kamikaze into extinction by creating a one-path situation for all women, wherein they must have every child they accidentally become pregnant with? And if they are raped? And if they might die from health complications? Or if their child is definitely going to be born with a terrible disease or disorder based on say, drug addiction or genetic predisposition? And then what of all those new humans who are born, what of all those other kinds of diverse people that will be created and what will happen to their lives? And what about climate change and overpopulation?

Trump is fully aware of these actions he is making, and in revoking things like the Affordable Care Act, women’s reproductive rights, the right to a free press and free speech…he is creating a disharmony so great, that we will have to rebel.

Shit, he wanted tanks and missiles at his inauguration. He wants to be a dictator. He wants to personally choose all the reporters at the White House. His administration has started just outright renaming every deliberate untruth (aka lie) they say as an “alternative fact.” Also aka a lie. Or what they were previously calling “post-truths.” Why are you falling for his crap? What farm did you come from, and why has no one ever sheared the wool from your beautiful eyes?

Which brings me to the next point: Trump’s retaliatory executive order in response to the Women’s March, is an aggressive, unconstitutional reaction caused by his hurt ego. We should all remember what a fraud, what a trickster, and what an egotist he is in the coming years. And we should never, ever, normalize the bigotry he exhibits. He is not my President, he is a threat to democracy.

So here is what I propose: let’s look at the last few days as a historical moment for us, and give thanks and praise to every person who marched for human rights. I hope every woman with any sense of dignity and self worth continues to be inspired by what has transpired, and continues to remember that she is supported by other women and does indeed have a voice, a chance, in life. We Will overcome Trump, and we will change the world, one uterus at a time.