Pizza for Bernie


Last college term, I wrote a 20 page research paper titled “Media Manipulation and Its Adverse Effects on Society.” It included two empirical surveys, one which surveyed fellow cast members from Naked and Afraid.

You can find it on this Word Press website.

Well, some time has passed. I’ve recently discovered that it was incredibly easy to coordinate a pro-Bernie road rally in less than two days from idea to manifestation. The numbers of supporters who are willing and Ready to get out there and spread the word, fight for our rights, and work together all the while are exponentially increasing by the day. Plus, we were donated organic pizza for our efforts.

Don’t let others tell you who you are. Don’t let them tell you you don’t have a chance. Don’t let them scare you into complacency.

Media manipulation is a serious problem in today’s society. Don’t believe what they feed you on the TV and radio. It’s dirty messaging.