Life after Megalodon

This blog is not just going to be about Naked and Afraid. It’s about so much more.


Well, because to start, I am not Naked and Afraid. I am myself. I’ve been myself for almost 30 years…

I like to think of myself as sort of a female Forrest Gump. He never identified himself with his passions. Rather, his passions led him through life. That’s me, in a nutshell.

I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve had my ten minutes of fame quite a few times. I’ve done some cool shit.

But, deep down inside, I am still me. I am still my spirit in this body, ready to learn, ready to experience, and ready to live.

Life is too precious to hold yourself down with momentary identifications, associations with moments in time…I am not Naked and Afraid. Nor am I Discovery Channel. I am myself, Honora Bowen. And, like everyone else, “I” does not really exist. For what I am today may not be the same tomorrow.

“Everything Changes”– Gotama Siddhartha


2 thoughts on “Life after Megalodon

  1. W. Wolfe

    Nicely done. Seriously, very nicely done. Both of these posts, dated today, so very nicely done. So easy to read, to follow your thoughts, and your thoughtfulness. They were poetic, in fact. Both of them. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts, and I look forward to getting additional peeks and insights on your walk. May the wind be at your back.


  2. Joe

    It’s almost as though you’re seeking to be forgiven.. or maybe you’re looking to educate and shed some light on the real you and not what’s been portrayed of you in the past. It’s hard to say how many people really think “reality” shows are unscripted.. probably more than we’d like to believe. But that’s not our problem is it? Why burden ourselves with something we cannot control? Things like the media, people’s opinions and expectations.. personal wealth is really what “holds us up” or keeps us standing and allows us to get through difficult times both physically and mentally. Personal wealth in the sense of solid self confidence and understanding. It seems to me that you already have it Honora. I know expressing yourself in writing helps. Keep it going… I’m enjoying it!


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